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The funny, ironic and heartbreaking caricatures coming from #PutinBombingSyria.

As Russian presence continues in Syria, the Internet is responding in the way it always does. Hashtags are taking flight, statements uploaded and a collection of political caricatures erected that cut through the Twitter storm of competing sides.

Moscow sent warplanes into Syria last week, grinding the conflict into a new era defined by fresh alliances , mumblings of ground troops and a whole lot more questions about what to do next.

Under the hashtag #PutinBombingSyria, social media is bringing slapstick memes, shotty photoshop jobs of Vladimir Putin's face on various different of bodies, digs on President Obama's 2013 'Red Line' convictions and harrowing reminders of what five years of war has looked like in Syria.

They're funny, clever and heartbreaking. And they're coming from all sides of the conflict.

Have a look at some of them below.

#PutinBombingSyria by applying scorched earth policy. #USAccomplice #SyriaCrisis

-- [euro][macron].[euro] [euro] [euro][macron][euro]*aaaaac [euro]*aa[euro] aaaC[euro]*[euro][macron]ae (@Abdulla_Alamadi) October 6, 2015

@MarkGaleotti @MoscowTimes Syria next Chernobyl #PutinBombingSyria Refugee problem solved

-- Clark Williams (@Knight276) October 6, 2015

#SecurityCouncil dont you think that syrians have enough killer Plane above their #head ? #PutinBombingSyria

-- Melanie Penner (@meljenp) October 5, 2015

My my my.. fellow Americans.

-- Charles Edward Frith (@charlesfrith) October 4, 2015

Russian occupation in #Syria "We will organize free elections once we'll get rid of all opponents" #PutinBombingSyria

-- @Bivi (@Bivi_17) October 5, 2015

@stevej132 @LindaSuhler lol no wonder #PutinBombingSyria is now #leaderex2015

-- carEitula (@BhattNaturally1) October 4, 2015

. @UN #PutinBombingSyria is not a solution. #NOFLYZONE is the only solution. #CNN

-- Global Revolution TV (@GlobalRevLive) October 3, 2015

#Russian children hospital. Sorry kids but we need all money to bomb #Syria #PutinKills #PutinBombingSyria

-- SaveAleppo (@LydisDeckers) October 5, 2015

Doctor Assad can you give some glasses to your friend #Putin ? #PutinBombingSyria in wrong place.

-- GlobalOccupyMedia (@GOccupyMedia) October 3, 2015

#RestrainTheVeto to free Syria from ISIS Iran Assad and Putin terrorism. #PutinBombingSyria

-- hDes Allimes Helene (@muzahara2) October 3, 2015

. @POTUS your #Redlines are here, if you are looking for them... #PutinBombingSyria #Bbc #News

-- hDes Allimes Helene (@muzahara2) October 3, 2015

@UN stop #PutinBombingSyria

-- Abu Eljood (@Abu_Eljood) October 6, 2015


-- CnaCnuCNiCn[macron]Cn[logical not]CNuCnnCNiCnu (@Veer_Yoddha) October 6, 2015

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Title Annotation:Vladimir Putin
Date:Oct 6, 2015
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