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The freak creatures were screaming in agony!; ROSWELL: THE TRUTH IS HERE!

In part two of our amazing extracts from The Roswell File* we reveal for the first time an eye witness account of the mystery UFO crash that gripped the world 50 years ago. Matthew Benns also examines the facts behind the autopsy of three alien creatures found in the wreckage. The new book is the most comprehensive investigation ever into what really happened at Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947. But, once again, we ask YOU to decide the truth...

Creaming aliens lay injured on the desert floor beside their wrecked space ship as the shocked war cameraman began filming.

"What in God's name they were no-one could tell - but one thing's for sure, they were circus freaks, creatures with no business here," he said.

Today, The People publishes for the first time the sworn testimony of the unnamed man who was rushed to the desert near Roswell to film the space craft which lay smashed on the desert floor.

"It was a large disc, a flying saucer, on its back, with heat still radiating from the ground around it," he said.

"It was decided to wait until the heat subsided before moving in as fire was a significant risk. This was made all the worse by the screams of the freak creatures that were lying by the vehicle.

"Each had hold of a box which they kept hold of in both arms close to their chests. They just lay there crying, holding those boxes.

"I started filming immediately, first the vehicle, then the site and debris. At 06.00 it was deemed safe to move in.

"Again the freaks were still crying and, when approached, they screamed even louder.

"They were protective of their boxes but we managed to get one loose with a firm strike at the head of a freak with the butt of a rifle.

"The three freaks were dragged away and secured with rope and tape. The other one was already dead.

"The medical team were reluctant at first to go near these freaks but as some were injured they had no choice."

Eventually the aliens and their strange craft were taken to Roswell and on to Wright Air Field, headquarters of Technical Intelligence Command.

Three weeks later the cameraman was ordered to Fort Worth in Texas, where he claims to have filmed the alien autopsy which stunned the world.

"The first two autopsies took place in July 1947. I had several hundred reels of film and I separated problem reels which required special attention.

"I contacted Washington to arrange collection of this final batch. Incredibly, they never came to collect or arrange transportation for them. The footage has remained with me ever since," he said.

That is until video distributor Ray Santilli contacted him about some old Elvis footage and took the alien autopsy film as well.

The autopsy shows a small bald creature with a large head and two almond- shaped eyes laid on a hospital trolley.

Two people in white protective suits are seen selecting a scalpel and other instruments before beginning with a Y-shaped cut from the neck to the shoulder blades.

Viewers then see strange dark matter being removed from the inner cavity of the chest and stomach area of the corpse and placed on a metal tray.

Debate has raged over the authenticity of the film but Santilli has steadfastly refused to name the cameraman who took it.

Without his name, the cameraman's statement - printed here for the first time - does not prove he is any more real than the aliens he claims to have photographed.

Santilli claimed that the 1947 black-and-white Kodak 16mm nitrate film would be checked and authenticated by Kodak.

But Kodak has never been sent any of the autopsy footage and the company said it had never produced 16mm nitrate film stock.

Even more damning is the analysis of the film by three Army Air Force photographers who were working when the autopsy was allegedly filmed.

OE Longo is the president of the International Combat Camera Association, Bill Gibson filmed bombing raids during World War II and Lt Col Daniel McGovern was the first cameraman to film at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They destroyed the authenticity of the autopsy film on these points:

A cameraman with Top Secret clearance based in New Mexico would have been used before one who was flown from Washington as the camerman claimed.

On Top Secret projects cameramen never processed film themselves and every single frame was counted. None would have been left uncollected.

On special projects, cameramen always used 16mm colour film - not black- and-white film as claimed by the mystery cameraman.

Autopsies were automatically filmed on colour film with TWO cameras - one above the body and another opposite. The autopsy was filmed with one camera.

The film canister produced by Santilli had an Eagle seal which none of the experts had ever seen.

Instructions on the canister, when translated, applied to colour film and would result in it dramatically reducing the sharpness of the picture. Author Tim Shawcross said the autopsy footage "currently inhabits a grey no-man's land, stranded somewhere between truth, fiction, wishful thinking and sophisticated hoax".

In the same grey area were the MJ-12 or Majestic documents - which refer to a high-level group of experts allegedly appointed by the government to investigate recovered saucers and aliens.

One document said a rancher had reported the crash of a spacecraft at Roswell and that a secret operation was begun to recover the wreckage for scientific study.

"During the course of this operation, aerial reconnaissance discovered that four small human-like beings had apparently ejected from the craft at some point before it exploded," it said.

"All four were dead and badly decomposed."

However, a memo about a hush-hush Majestic meeting was marked "Top Secret Restricted" - which were two different levels of classification - and President Eisenhower's assistant Robert Cutler was out of the country when he was supposed to have issued it.

Shawcross added: "While UFOs and the Roswell Incident may not have been proved real, they have achieved sufficient reality to be worthy of scientific debate."

But if contact were ever made, one of the first questions that could be asked of our new extra-terrestrial neighbours could be: "Did they come down to visit earth in 1947 and land at Roswell, New Mexico?"

If YOU have have had any close encounters with aliens write, enclosing photographs if possible, to: Alien, The People, PO Box 4021, London E14 5BU.

*The Roswell File by Tim Shawcross is published by Bloomsbury on June 5 at pounds 16.99.

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Benns, Matthew
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:May 25, 1997
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