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The fraud file.

Mortgage Fraud Risk Index for July 2016--TOP 5 MSAs

    Metropolitan Statistical   Mortgage Fraud   % Change    % Change
           Area (MSA)           Risk Index,       Since       Since
                                 July 2016      July 2015   June 2016

1   SAN JOSE-SUNNYVALE-             136           38.8%       0.7%
2   MIAMI-FORT LAUDERDALE-          130           -8.5%       0.0%
3   EL PASO, TX                     117           -7.1%       11.4%
4   NEW YORK-NEWARK-JERSEY          117          -14.0%       6.4%
      CITY, NY-NJ-PA
5   HOUSTON-SUGAR LAND-             116          -21.6%       4.5%
    UNITED STATES                    90          -25.0%       -6.3%

The First American Mortgage Fraud Risk Index value is 90 for
July, which is down 6.3 percent from June and down 25 percent
from a year ago. The riskiest MSA in July is San Jose-Sunnyvale-
Santa Clara, CA, with an index value of 136.

Employment-Income Fraud Risk Index for July 2016--TOP 5 MSAs

    Metropolitan Statistical   Employment/    % Change    % Change
           Area (MSA)          Income Fraud     Since       Since
                               Risk Index,    July 2015   June 2016
                                July 2016

1   SAN JOSE-SUNNYVALE-SANTA        96          0.0%        14.3%
      CLARA, CA
2   BOULDER, CO                     89         -21.9%       0.0%
3   SAN FRANCISCO-OAKLAND-          86         -17.3%       8.9%
4   SANTA ROSA-PETALUMA, CA        843         -14.4%      -10.8%
5   GREELEY, CO                     80         -18.4%       6.7%
    UNITED STATES                   42         -23.6%       2.4%

The Employment/Income Fraud Risk Index value is 42 for July,
which is up 2.4 percent from June and down 23.6 percent from a
year ago. San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, CA, is the riskiest MSA
for employment/income fraud risk in July, with an index value of

First American Mortgage Solutions' Fraud Risk Indexes are calculated based on the frequency with which indicators of fraudulent activity are detected in mortgage applications processed by the FraudGUARD[R] system, powered by Interthinx[R] Analytics--a loan-level fraud-detection tool available to lenders and investors. The Fraud Risk Indexes consist of the Property Valuation Fraud Risk Index; the Identity Fraud Risk Index; the Occupancy Fraud Risk Index; the Em ployment/income Fraud Risk Index; and the Overall Mortgage Fraud Risk Index (which is calculated as the average of the four type-specific indexes). All of these indexes have been calibrated so that the national indexes based on all loans in first-quarter 2012 equal 100.

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Date:Oct 1, 2016
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