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The forgotten founders on religion and public life.


The forgotten founders on religion and public life.

Ed. by Daniel L. Dreisbach et al.

U. of Notre Dame Press


316 pages




Right-wing fundamentalist who contend that the US is and has always been a Christian nation, and that (their version of) Christian values should be the foundation of government are frustrated with the historical record that the founders of the republic were deists who believed that the government should not depend on anyone's religions beliefs. To resolve the problem, scholars of history, religion, and politics here argue that the founders included a lot of other people besides the ones who wrote the documents, fought the wars, won the elections, and so on. They pick and choose a number of others, and show how they adhered to orthodox Christianity and were not so adamant about independent government. Abigail Adams, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Paine are the best known.

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Date:Aug 1, 2010
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