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The force be with you! Krudo Knives offers a different take on the folding knife.

Sometimes a knife is more than you expect it to be, and sometimes it's not even a knife at all. Confused yet? Let me explain. SNAG knives are the brainchild of martial arts expert Louis Krudo, a master of the Filipino fighting discipline Arnis, derived from the Spanish term arnis de mano (rough translation: harnessing of the hand). In practice Louis calls it "pain management" because his system can inflict other forms of physical pain which are less deadly, yet still impose a high level of grief.

Krudo's SNAG folding knives--designed on the popular Southeast Asian Karambit platform--are available in SNAG Live Blade and SNAG Controller models. The Live Blade model has a wicked Hawkbill blade, something akin to a velociraptor claw. The Controller version has no blade at all. Rather, the claw is a notched hook that can be used to inflict pain as it grabs anything from arms to elbows to neck bones. The knives can also be used to hit, which can be equally excruciating. Krudo's knives are not the first folding Karambits, but his are more versatile, thanks to a folding thumb ramp that allows more functions.


If you think a knife without a blade can't be effective, think again. I have had a demo "applied" to me using the SNAG Controller and, believe me, it can leave you flopping around like a fish on dry land. The various grips, holds, and hitting positions this knife can apply are especially useful to law enforcement officers who need options to forcefully control an offender without deadly force. These are serious, well built knives with aluminum handles, liner-locks, and pocket clips spooned for indexing. May the Force be with you, especially if you end up on the wrong end of a SNAG!




(727) 753-8455


BLADE STEEL: 9CrCo13MoV, BLADE LENGTH: 2.5", OVERALL LENGTH: 6.8", WEIGHT: Live Blade 4.4 ounces, Controller 5 ounces, HANDLE: Machined aluminum, CARRY: Indexed pocket clip, PRICE: $169.99 (Live Blade), $129.99 (Controller)
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Date:Mar 20, 2012
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