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The first phase of major Bratislava highway crossroad is open.

The complicated traffic situation in the capital should ease a little. Drivers crossing the capital city have new accessible exits from the D1 highway to Slovnaftska Street in Bratislava.

One exit is in the direction of the D1 from Trnava, another one from Petrzalka.They were built within the first phase of reconstruction of the Prievoz crossroad under Pristavny Bridge, one of the crossroads at the R7 motorway.

"In this moment, Prievoz crossroad, as drivers knew it, became history," said CEO of D4R7 Construction company Juan Jose Bregel, as quoted by TASR.He noted that construction began later than originally planned, but it was successfully finished one month earlier than scheduled.

The reconstruction started in mid-February and in five months, two branches of the crossroad were successfully built.Second phase startedThe second phase of reconstruction is about to start.

It will focus on roads Bajkalska - Pristavna, D1 Trnava Pristavna and Bajkalska D1 Trnava.It should take about year.

The last and most difficult phase will commence at the end of next year, when the bridge that connects Petrzalka and Ruzinov will be reconstructed."We have one year for preparation and to adopt measures to prevent traffic collapse," mayor of Ruzinov Martin Chren said, as quoted by TASR.

Once the construction is completed, drivers in Bratislava as well as those travelling from Podunajske Biskupice and Samorin will experience some relief.Most accidents at PrievozDirector of Zero Bypass Limited Tomas Bezilla explained that newly-opened branches of crossroads have a great significance for traffic as they reduce the load surrounding the Prievoz crossroad.

"The Prievoz crossroad was one of the most accident-prone areas in Bratislava," he said, as quoted by TASR. "The reconstruction will increase the safety of drivers.

"It is also the first of the R7 crossroads where the first 24 kilometres will be open to travellers in spring of the following year.There will be also one new traffic limitation a closed branch between Bajkalska and Pristavna.

Travellers using public transport, specifically line 87, should be ready for changes in the line coming from Ovsiste. class="article-published 12. Aug 2019 at 11:42 |TASR, Compiled by Spectator staff

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Publication:Slovak Spectator (Bratislava, Slovakia)
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Date:Aug 12, 2019
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