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The first company kindergarten in Trebic (PrvnE[degrees] firemnE[degrees] materskEi kola v TrebE[degrees]ci).

Project Status : Active

Project Phase : Execution

Project Location : Czech Republic

Registration number : CZ.1.04/3.4.04/A4.00015

Amount: 2 474 352,00 CZK (12232812.763 US Dollar)

Duration of the project: the first June 2013 to 31 March 2015

Region : Highlands

Project Description : For kindergarten were selected area on the ground floor of the house zrekonsturovaneho site of a former factory in BOPO TREBEiC that rekonstuovala JMA construction, s ro The whole area is undergoing significant revitalization and surrounded by a nice quiet wooded environment, suitable for outdoor activities for children. In blE[degrees]zosti is the general practitioner, dentist, pharmacy, bus stop, etc. The school premises are adapted to be operated child care facilities with a capacity of 24 seats. Reconstruction was carried out in accordance with the building permit has been duly phase "Building childcare facilities" approved. The premises consist of a dressing room, bathroom, two living rooms, bedding store, archive, office, kitchen, restrooms for staff and an outdoor terrace that is used for outdoor activities for children and enriched with swings, rubber safety surface, sand pit and benches for children. When selecting equipment kindergarten to give priority to one that is designed for kindergarten and are accompanied by a valid certificate. Due to the capacity of the plant was observed, the demand for furniture (number of chairs, tables, chairs, toilets, ..). Children%s attendance is recorded via an electronic attendance system, while hand evidelcE[degrees] teacher. The school is governed by the educational program "RVP" program "Healthy kindergarten" and offers deluxe teaching English to preschool children (especially for children from 2 years of age). Staffing: Director kindergarten, kindergarten teacher, nurse, kindergarten, operational staff, teacher AJ. Meals are available CenstrEilnE[degrees] imports from the school dinning in VRS catering service is provided in accordance with the requirements of food law. The school was opened on October 1, 2013 with a total of 21 registered children. The school as a project uses for its presentation media (TV, newspapers, web, ..). Website school.

Objectives of the project

The main objective of the project is the creation and subsequent operation of childcare facilities for pre-school age

children of employees of the operator and the project partners, which will help support employment of parents with young children.

operator intends to develop childcare facilities, which will provide care to the same level as in State nursery schools and kindergartens using the extra elements of the project "Healthy nursery

school. " The device is built to conform to the parameters of project manuals for a capacity of 24 children.

Target groups

Childcare, which was established following a call MLSA project will use a staff of project partners to place their children aged 6 months to compulsory school attendance. It is therefo

country :Czech Republic

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jun 13, 2014
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