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The fantasy/SciFi shelf.

Me and Bobby McGee

Chad Coenson, author

E. Cobb Holzer, illustrator

Inkwater Press

c/o The Barrett Company Communications (publicity)

9781592994885 $20.95

Winner of an Independent Publisher Book Award, Me and Bobby McGee is a dark comedy thriller with a shocking sci-fi twist, about the voracious, endless hunger of corporate greed and how human beings are increasingly becoming commoditized in today's money driven, overpopulated world. The protagonist is a drunken, ex government killer, whose stumbling path through life enmeshes him in a white baby slavery racket that kidnaps from orphanages and hires prostitutes to deliver and surrender their newborns. The U.S. government further complicates matters, as do extreme right wing religious groups who support the selling of babies as an alternative to abortion,. and then things start to get weird! Intrigue, murder, and mystery pepper this grim yet wryly sardonic story of human trafficking, set in the very near future.

A Greater Monster

David David Katzman

Redhead Books

3631 N. Halsted Street, Unit 210

Chicago, IL 60613

9780983864400, $17.95,

We see something unusual, we rarely expect it to only be the tip of the iceberg. "A Greater Monster" is a novel from David David Katzman, who brings readers into a unique alternate reality that has many twists and turns of what we consider the unknown and what we view as false, such as the undead, witches, old gods, and much more. With a unique humor and plenty to think about, "A Greater Monster" is a fine and much recommended choice.

The Man in the Black Top Hat

Ju Ephraime

Envision Business & Computer School Publishing

23 Kimberly Avenue

West Haven, CT 06516

9780972878999, $9.99,

One hat changed her world. "The Man in the Black Top Hat" follows Syria Warrington as she find an old top hat. But the hat houses more than an outlet for her fondness of the old time style. Her sanity begins to be questioned, as spirits may have came with the piece of headgear. "The Man in the Black Top Hat" is a choice pick for those looking for supernatural romance.

Evie and the Golem

Roni Keller & John Fasano

Undie Press

c/o Thoughts in the Margin

7532 Amigo Avenue

Reseda, CA 91355

9780976346098, $15.00,

Through magic and machine, the golem is a legend not entirely understood. "Evie and the Golem" is a blend of historical and horror novels, telling of Evie and Rachel, two women of Prague, split by four centuries. With war raging all around them, they find themselves desperate, as those close to them face death. But the legend of the Golem may give them the power they need to save their own lives. "Evie and the Golem" is an exciting pick of fiction, much recommended.

Magical Alienation

Kris Neri

Red Coyote Press

PO Box 60582

Phoenix, AZ 85082

9780976673316, $15.95,

With few modern followers, a goddess has to find new work. "Magical Alienation" is a blend of modern fantasy and mystery as a sham of a psychic in Samantha Brennan finds alliance with Celtic goddess turned government agent as they investigate an unusual happening surrounding Roswell. As one would expect, aliens may be involved and they may not have the best of intents for the world. With old protectors of the planet rising to the challenge, Kris Neri creates a fun adventure with plenty of twists. "Magical Alienation" is worth considering for fans of the modern fantasy genre, recommended.

Precisely Terminated

Amanda L. Davis

Living Ink Books

6815 Shallowford Rd.

Chattanooga, TN 37421

9780899578965, $12.99,

It'll take a one in a million person with a one in a million chance to break humanity free from its carefully crafted tyranny. "Precisely Terminated" is set in a dystopic future where a vast majority of humanity is controlled from birth by nobility who have mastered technology's control over the people. Monica somehow avoided this fate, and is in theory free, but finds herself enslaved anyway in order to blend in and let her independence be known. As she finds a chance to free not only herself but her people, "Precisely Terminated" is the first entry into the Cantral Chronicles and is well worth considering for science fiction and fantasy readers.

The Impossible Madness

William Holt

American Book Publishing

PO Box 65524

Salt Lake City, UT 84165

9781589828476, $22.00,

As the very nature of the world changes, how will humanity cope? "The Impossible Madness" is a unique work of science fiction from William Holt, as the Earth's poles reverse. Following five individuals as they try to understand the bizarre shifts in the world where reality is not where it seems. With plenty of twists and turns, "The Impossible Madness" is an original and recommended read, not to be overlooked.

The Rafters

A. C. Montgomery

IntraSomnium Publishing

17467 Archer Circle, Omaha, NE 68135

9780982922347, $19.95,

Lost, Rhyus only has a short time to find his way. "The Rafters" is the first book of the Somnambulist Saga, following Rhyus Delmar, who has little idea of who he is or what his purpose is. With darkness behind him, he feels he must figure those facts out fast, or none of it will matter with his death. A riveting fantasy with plenty of twists, "The Rafters" is not to be overlooked for science fiction and fantasy collections.

Flying Saucer Stories

David B. Riley

Timescape Books

PO Box 8191, Avon CO 81620

9781466448100, $8.95,

From the deep space beyond, we are only left with wonder of what is beyond. "Flying Saucer Stories" is a collection of short stories from David B. Riley exploring the avenues of visitors from other worlds. Hoping to spin the mysterious flying grey discs into new tales, "Flying Saucer Stories" is an excellent pick for those seeking classic science fiction with an original twist on top of it all.

Poor Richard's Lament

Tom Fitzgerald

Hobblebush Books

17A Old Milford Road, Brookline, NH 03033

9780984592135, $30.00,

After two hundred years, what has become of America? "Poor Richard's Lament" is a novel following a Ben Franklin who gets a second chance to view the country he created centuries later. Seeing modern crisis, he sees a problem that threatens his creation that only he may be able to respond to. A fine blend of historical fiction and social commentary, "Poor Richard's Lament" is an original and enticing read that will keep readers going with its unique ideas, highly recommended.

The Wild Girls

Ursula K. Le Guin

PM Press

PO Box 23912, Oakland, CA 94623

9781604864038, $12.00,

Through fantasy and science fiction, we create a new way of understanding our own world. "The Wild Girls" is a compilation of renown science fiction author Ursula K. LeGuin's The Wild Girls, offering a thoughtful and unique delve into LeGuin's fiction, known for speaking to readers with allusions to our modern world. Also included are essays and poems, proving to be an excellent place to start for those unfamiliar with LeGuin's work. "The Wild Girls" is an excellent pick for any fan of science fiction that may very well be literature as well. Also from PM Press fiction is "Send my Love and a Molotov Cocktail!" (9781604860962, $19.95), a compilation of mystery and noir inspired stories from a wide range of upcoming and established authors.

Eleven Eleven the Illumination

K. Scott Bell

NineBall Publishing

8335 Fairmount Dr., Unit 9 106

Denver, CO 80247

9780984676804, $15.00,

The human brain may soon be outdated technology. "Eleven Eleven the Illumination" is a science fiction thriller from K. Scott Bell, who tells of a world where technology has begun to surpass the human brain, and people have begun to seek ways to enhance the human brain to deal with the growingly complex problems that are causing the world problems. As entrepreneurs push the technology forward, Jale Shepherd, one of those investors, may find that humanity has a higher purpose still than pushing technology. "Eleven Eleven the Illumination" is an excellent addition to any science fiction collection, and has plenty of original ideas, much recommended.

The God's Wife

Lynn Voedisch

Fiction Studio Books

PO Box 4613

Stamford, CT 06907

9781936558148, $16.95,

Although centuries apart, they have more in common than they could have ever hoped. "The God's Wife" is a novel telling of the connection between ages of an Egyptian queen, wife of a God with everything should could ever want, and a modern woman who falls too entranced with her role in a play, and she finds her trances are more than just intense day dreams, speaking to one another through the ages. "The God's Wife" is a riveting spin of modern fiction and the power of woman through the long history.

Blood Society

Jeffrey Thomas

Necro Publications

5139 Maxon Terr.

Sanford, FL 32771

9781466220256, $19.95,

The crimes of Al Capone are tame when faced with the underworld. "Blood Society" is a story of mafiosos blended with immortality and undeath. Following one particular undying mafioso from the golden era of the 1920s to the 1990s, spreading his vampirism. An intriguing blend of crime fiction and horror, "Blood Society" is a fine and much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Bradamant's Quest

Ruth Berman

FTL Publications

PO Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN 55345 0363

9781936881024, $15.95,

Consorting with demons and such makes anything more intriguing. "Bradamant's Quest" is a youthful fantasy from Ruth Berman who presents a story of Bradamant, who is charged in recovering her family's magical talismans after Charlemagne's wars are over. But faced with the forces of magic and devils, Bradamant's task is anything but easily done. "Bradamant's Quest" is an excellent pick that shouldn't be overlooked.

Tales of the Fallen

Nescher Psycher

Argus Books

9001 Ridge Hill Street

Kernersville, NC 27285

9780615523873, $18.99,

Arrogance is a quick way to lose everything you clawed towards to get. "Tales of the Fallen" is a tale of Solly Mont, a man who clawed his way up to having anything and everything he could want out of life, gaining lordship over the world. But his hubris of being at the top of the world led him plummeting to the bottom and failing to the bottom, and it seems as if it'll be worse before it gets better. "Tales of the Fallen" is a riveting fantasy, not to be overlooked. Also from Argus Books is "Gutting the Monkey: (Searching for Enlightenment the Hard Way)" (9780615550329, $18.99) which presents a twisted look at life in the military and our search for peace of mind in all the wrong places.
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