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The fanaticism of the apocalypse; save the earth, punish human beings.


The fanaticism of the apocalypse; save the earth, punish human beings.

Bruckner, Pascal. Trans. by Steven Rendall.

Polity Press


204 pages




Author Bruckner has written a lively and thoughtful essay on the damage done by ecological catastrophism, the belief that humans have severely damaged the earth and must pay the price. It is an attitude he traces to what may seem an unlikely combination: Catholicism (give up joy today for eternal life) and Marxism (give up personal needs for a better future). One obvious example is the popularity of disaster movies, which he seems to see as an embrace of catastrophe and pessimism. His message is that it is time to drop that destructive mindset in favor of developing a more constructive ecology that actually solves problems. Distributed by Wiley.

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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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