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The eye of the storm.

In "The Eye of the Storm" (May), you captured the heartbeat of educators in St. Bernard Parish. I, too, am a teacher at Andrew Jackson Elementary who travels two hours from Baton Rouge to Chalmette to teach in one of our nation's premier educational systems. The employees are a joy to work with, and the students truly make you feel needed.

Hopefully, as my daughter, who is also a young sixth-grade teacher there, restores our home in Chalmette, we can move out of the teacher campers into a real bed in a real bedroom. Each day our hope grows, as our character strengthens.

MILLIE SOROE, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

Thank you for this article ("The Eye of the Storm," May). I have recently retired after 30 years in the classroom. I kept thinking of the problems we all have running a classroom. Then add on the difficult circumstances faced by these teachers, and I can't imagine how they do it! I felt proud of my profession, and wished that the article could appear in a journal read by others not in the field. Too many people think the job is easy, and I wish they could see the love and dedication these teachers have for the children and their jobs.


Chicago, Illinois

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Title Annotation:talk back
Author:Soroe, Millie
Publication:NEA Today
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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