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The evolution of a headset.

Today's contact centers are the epitome of efficiency. Through technology and logic, corporations large and small are able to effectively manage their customers in bulk. Thus, the use of headsets in the call center has increased out of necessity. Without them, agents would be inefficient, susceptible to injury and unable to multitask. Sennheiser Communications, an advocate of safe acoustical technologies, uses many of these advancements in extreme environments from concert stages to contact centers all over the globe. Further, the penetration of wireless headsets in the contact center has boosted efficiency for workers that need mobility. As wireless technology improves, headset technology follows and permits headset users access to critical information faster and farther than ever before. Unfortunately, many wireless solutions lack true user-efficiency via multi-device interfacing with concurrently extended range.

Enter a new age of wireless headsets from Sennheiser Communications. The venerated BW900 fuses mobility and efficiency in one simple, powerful and easy-to-use device. Imagine a headset that communicates voice with a quality that rivals a wired handset. Imagine a headset that interfaces with your desktop phone and your voice-enabled Bluetooth device at the same time. Imagine that same device, seamlessly toggling between the mobile in your pocket and your land line with a range of up to 300 feet. This high-performance professional headset was designed to solve common communication problems and boost efficiency.

Call quality is no longer a luxury in a wireless headset. Rather, it is tantamount to the success of the communication. By introducing Adaptive Intelligence, the BW900 ensures that every call is made with the clarity you would expect out of a wired handset. This highly advanced digital signal processing (DSP) circuit listens to the user environment while in chorus adapting the volume and microphone gain settings to optimum levels for that user. Further, an advanced set of noise filters intelligently remove background noise while keeping voice quality intact. This occurs in real-time, even with a rapid change in environment such as the relocation from a quiet office to a noisy sales floor. The users' preferences are stored for a customized communication experience from the moment the headset is worn.

Incoming call quality is just as critical. Intelligible audio is required for accurate, timely data processing or the call quickly becomes a marathon instead of a track meet. Headset audio should be pristine with consistency in volume level. Sennheiser's BW900 features ActiveGard[TM] (also found in every contact center headset they produce) to prevent sudden, harmful bursts of volume from reaching the users' ear. ActiveGard is always on and always working to protect the user from potential hearing damage.

Another key component of efficiency in a wireless headset is battery life. After all, if a headset is not usable, you cannot experience the benefits of that headset. Sennheiser responded to this challenge by providing a user-replaceable battery that can be changed in the middle of a call without disconnecting the other party. The spare battery charges up faster than it is depleted, allowing for unlimited talk time via hot-swapping.


Managing a device with this many advanced functions would seem like a daunting task, however Sennheiser Communications has streamlined the feature-set into a friendly interface that is both elegant and simple to use within moments after opening the box. One can easily see the effective use of time from the arrival of the package to the last call of the day. As an all-in-one device for voice communication, it is also a device you can expect to be comfortable to wear for extended periods. A lightweight, ergonomic design with robust build qualities and a two year warranty ensures long operating life without sacrificing comfort.

Through the years, the headset has evolved from an option to a requirement. Armed with exclusive technologies posed to take contact centers into the future, the Sennheiser Communications BW900 is the professional's choice for state-of-the-art voice communication.

By Eric Palonen, Product Manager, Sennheiser Communications
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Author:Palonen, Eric
Publication:Customer Interaction Solutions
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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