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The environment game: play this Earth day game to see how planet--friendly habits can make you a winner.

YOU'LL NEED: Two to four players, a die, a game piece for each player (for example: eraser, coin, and so on).

HOW TO PLAY: Place game pieces on "start." Players take turns rolling the die. The rolled number indicates how many spaces across the board a player should move his or her game piece. Move piece according to the board's number sequence. RULES: In each turn, players will roll the die only once. If you land on a space that helps the environment, climb the ladder to a higher numbered space. If you land on one that harms the environment, go down the slide to a lower numbered space. Two game pieces may never occupy the same space, If your roll moves your piece to a space that's occupied by an opponent, your opponent's piece must return to "Start."

WINNING: The first player to reach "You Win!" by exact count wins.

28 29 30 31
You recycle your You turn on all
family's the lights at
aluminum, home. Turning
plastic, glass, off unnecessary
and newspaper lights can
daily. Recycling reduce harmful
reduces the carbon dioxide
amount of trash pollution by
in landfills by more than 168
40 percent. kilograms (370
 pounds) per

27 26 25 24
 picnicking, you
 throw an empty
 bottle on the
 ground. A glass
 bottle takes 1
 million years
 to break down
 in the

14 15 16 17
 You cut your
 shower time
 from 15 minutes
 to 5. Water
 used in showers
 and toilets
 makes up 75
 percent of
 people's daily
 water use.

13 12 11 10
You toss out You use
your old cell rechargeable
phone instead of batteries in
donating it to your stereo.
charity. Trashed That keeps
electronics can batteries--full
leak of dangerous
toxins--like chemicals--out
lead--into the of landfills.

 1 2 3
 Start You buy a
 notebook made
 of recycled
 paper. Every
 ton of recycled
 paper saves 17

32 33 You Win!

23 22 21
 Instead of
 taking the bus,
 you have your
 parent drive
 you to the
 mall. A 10
 increase in
 use would save
 511 million
 liters (135
 gallons) of
 gasoline a

18 19 20
You waste water You write to
by letting the your
tap run while congress-person
you brush your asking for more
teeth. The laws to protect
average person endangered
uses more than species.
300 liters (80 Currently,
gallons) of 1,272 species
water per day. in the U.S. are
 listed as
 threatened or

9 8 7
 You participate
 in a local
 beach cleanup.
 About 90
 percent of
 marine debris
 is plastic.
 animals mistake
 plastic for
 food, and they
 die after
 eating it.

4 5 6
 You carpool to
 school. This
 helps reduce
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