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The engineer writer's guide.

Engineer is a professional-development bulletin designed to provide a forum for exchanging information and ideas within the Army engineer community. We include articles by and about officers, enlisted soldiers, warrant officers, Department of the Army civilian employees, and others. Writers may discuss training, current operations and exercises, doctrine, equipment, history, personal viewpoints, or other areas of general interest to engineers. Articles may share good ideas and lessons learned or explore better ways of doing things.

Articles should be concise, straightforward, and in the active voice. If they contain attributable information or quotations not referenced in the text, provide appropriate notes at the end of the article, not at the bottom of each page. Spell out each acronym the first time you use it; don't assume that everyone knows what it means. Text length should not exceed 2,000 words (about eight double-spaced pages). Shorter after-action-type articles, reviews of books on engineer topics, and letters to the editor are also welcome.

Include photos (with captions) and/or line diagrams that illustrate information in the article. Please do not include illustrations or photos in the text; instead, send each of them as a separate file. Do not embed photos in PowerPoint[R]. If illustrations are in PowerPoint, avoid excessive use of color and shading. Save digital images at a resolution no lower than 200 dpi. Images copied from a Web site must be accompanied by copyright permission.

Provide a short paragraph that summarizes the content of the article. Also include a short biography, including your full name, rank, current unit, and job title; a list of your past assignments, experience, and education; your mailing address; and a fax number and commercial daytime telephone number.

Include a statement with your article that your local security office has determined that the information contained in the article is unclassified, nonsensitive, and releasable to the public. (The reason being that Engineer is available for sale through the Superintendent of Documents.) We do not require a hard copy of the clearance.

We cannot guarantee that we will publish all submitted articles. They are accepted for publication only after thorough review If we plan to use your article in an upcoming issue, we will notify you. Therefore, it is important to keep us informed of changes in your e-mail address or telephone number. All articles accepted for publication are subject to grammatical and structural changes as well as editing for style.

Send submissions by e-mail to or send a 3 112-inch disk in Microsoft(r) Word, along with a double-spaced copy of the manuscript, to: Editor, Engineer Professional Bulletin, 320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 210, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473-8929.

Note: Please indicate if your manuscript is being considered for publication elsewhere. Due to the limited space per issue, we normally do not print articles that have been accepted for publication by other Army professional bulletins.
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Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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