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The engineer update.

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SUBJECT       DESCRIPTION                      CONTACT        ENQUIRY NO

Sensors       Labfacility have launched the    LAB FACILITY   201
              which features information on
              the company's range of
              thermocouple and PRT sensor
              assemblies and accessories.
              These include industrial and
              laboratory probes for
              temperatures between
              -200[degrees]C and
              1700[degrees]C in a variety of
              configurations; from heavy duty
              12mm to quick response 0.5mm
              diameter sheaths, with versions
              to suit most, situations.
              Special requirements are
              catered for including surface,
              gas flow, penetration and high
              thermal sensitivity.
Filters       Effective filtration of the      MAHLE          202
              machining fluids used in the
              metalworking industry is vital.
              Systems which have to be
              cleaned manually or which are
              designed to be thrown away
              after use are being replaced by
              automatic inline filters. These
              inline pressure filters can be
              cleaned without interrupting
              operation so that no special
              maintenance or disposal
              measures are necessary. This
              makes the Mahle Automatic
              Filter a compelling solution.
Pumps         The Grundfos Group has           GRUNOFOS       203
              completed the purchase of the
              German dosing pump group
              Alldos, Alldos, with an annual
              turnover of 40 million euros
              and a 36-year history in
              developing and manufacturing
              dosing pumps will enable
              Grundfos to further grow within
              this sector offering a wider
              range that include hydraulic
              diaphragm pumps, TrueDos M self
              calibrating digital dosing
              pumps and disinfection
Pumps         Grundfos Pumps is a shortlisted  GRUNDFOS       204
              finalist in all for categories
              of the BPMA Pump Industry
              Awards 2005, with entries for
              Technical Innovation of the
              Year, Environmental
              Contribution of the Year, User
              Application of the Year and
              Global Customer Service. In
              November 2004, Grundfos was
              announced the winner of the
              Environmental Awareness Award
              at the National Business
              Awareness Awards.
Sensors       From part handling to error      BALLUF         205
              Proofing, Balluf BGL sensors
              are designed to streamline and
              assembly process. No more
              alignment problems, fragile
              installations, and fibre optic
              complexity. Their rugged
              features and built-in
              reliability make them a natural
              choice for the demanding
              assembly applications such as
              part position, feed tracks,
              grippers, pallet transfer, pick
              and place and Poke-Yoke.
Measurement   Starlite 150 from OGP UK brings  OGP UK         206
              video-based non-contact
              measurement within the reach of
              virtually every manufacturer.
              Starlite offers semiautomatic
              functionality, automatic edge
              detection, full intuitive
              metrology software,
              programmable zoom lens, colour
              image capture and high accuracy
              X,Y, Z measurement. Starlite
              replaces traditional
              shadowgraph technology to
              improve productivity, making it
              easy for non-skilled operators
              to use.
Lasers        Synrad's sealed CO-2 lasers are  LASER LINES    207
              used in a variety of processes
              including cutting, welding,
              drilling and marking. The new
              Firestar f400 400-watt laser
              opens the door to new
              applications in the automotive
              industry. The f400's best-in-
              class mode quality of TEM00,
              98% purity and beam quality of
              M2 < 1.1 [+ or -]0.1 provides a
              higher delivered power density
              than many competing 500 watt
              lasers. In addition to a clean,
              burr-free edge, lasers provide
              a narrower cut width (kerf)
              than competing methods.
Hot-air       Under a two-year rolling         WELWYN TOOL    208
tools         agreement, Welwyn Tool has been
              contracted to Rolls-Royce Motor
              Cars to supply Leister hot-air
              tools for a key role in its
              process to produce luxury
              leather-covered interior
              components and trim for the new
              Rolls-Royce Phantom. The tools
              comprise the light but robust.
              Leister Electron hot air blower
              featuring high-heat efficiency
              with stepless electronic
              temperature control and the
              smaller Leister Triac S hand
Leak          The Incotech air leak detection  INCOTECH       209
detector      test unit operates by filling a
              component, cavity with
              compressed air to reach a
              certain pressure, whereupon the
              supply is isolated locking the
              air in the test cavity. The
              pressure is read and then after
              a certain period is tested
              again. If the difference
              between the two readings is
              greater than the test limit
              then the product will have
              failed. The unit is completely
              self-contained in a desk style
Sensors       The S700 is a range of           CONTRINEX      210
              extremely rugged, yet highly
              sensitive inductive sensors
              from Contrinex. Machined from a
              single peace of stainless steel
              means that the sensors,
              including the sensing face can
              withstand extreme impact, high
              shock levels and are resistant
              to chemical stress making them
              ideal for aggressive
              manufacturing environments. The
              use of new sensor technology
              produces a sensing distance
              that is three times that, of
              conventional sensors.
Handling      Portasilo Bulk Handling Systems  PORTASILO      211
systems       has been appointed by Veenstra
              Coevorden BV as their sole
              agent for the UK and Ireland.
              Veenstra's long and established
              market within the UK bulk
              handling industry supplying
              their fluidising products,
              loading spouts and valves will
              be strengthened with
              Portasilo's half century of
              experience. After many years of
              service, Mr John Ballard of
              SEMEL has relinquished the
              Veenstra Agency and taken
Motors        Parvalux, the UK's leading       PARVALUX       212
              manufacturer of small geared
              motors believes in offering its
              customers a choice. In fact
              when the options of motor type
              (AC or DC), power rating,
              torque, voltage, speed, type of
              fixing, shaft styles and
              dynamic brakes are taken into
              account, the result is over 100
              million possible combinations.
              Take fixings as an example,
              there are the options of
              flange, stud or spigot
              mounting, providing the design
              engineer with a wide range of
              methods for attaching the motor
              to the machine.
Blast-room    A self-contained blast-room      HODGE CLEMCO   213
              unit custom-built by Hodge
              Clemco has dramatically reduced
              abrasive costs and improved
              working conditions for
              subcontract surface preparation
              specialist. AIA Shot Blasting.
              The unit contains a blast
              chamber and sealed plant room
              within the one structure, which
              is 3.65m wide and 12m long.
              Double doors at one end provide
              access for large items, and
              walls are lined with rubber
Paint         Leading paint finishing plant    DELTA PROCESS  214
finishing     specialists. Delta Process       SYSTEMS
              Systems, has launched an
              integrated water-wash paint
              spray booth and sludge removal
              system, which is said to
              achieve considerable cost
              savings over conventional
              booths that utilise manual or
              semiautomatic sludge removal
              methods. The new Aqua-Flow
              booth is manufactured in
              modular form, so can be sized
              to suit virtually any paint
              spraying requirement.
Micro         DED Limited announce the         DED            215
printers      arrival of the Axiohm Electron
              58mm micro thermal printer
              mechanism. The Electron offers
              extremely simple integration,
              high printing speed of up to
              70mm/sec and particularly easy
              paper loading thanks to the
              clamshell design--all
              resulting in the high
              performance and reliability you
              have come expect from Axiohm.
              With a footprint of 68.6mm and
              26.3mm the printer is suitable
              for most portable devices.
Gears         Another manufacturer's gearbox   FLENDER        216
              failure on a drag chain
              conveyor at Rugby Cement's
              South Ferriby works gave
              Flender the opportunity to
              prove how effective its fast-
              track service really is. The
              benefits of the Flender FZG
              B45H12 gear unit include a
              torque rating of 75,000Nm; a
              single unit combining gearbox
              and motor flanged on, more
              efficient design, lower service
              intervals. The whole unit was
              constructed and delivered
              within 14 days.
LEDs          The new OEM 4-LED is an          LASCAR         217
              extremely compact, four-digit,   ELECTRONICS
              LED data display module from
              Lascar Electronics.
              Communication with the display
              is via a serial interface
              making this product ideally
              suited to micro-controller
              based applications. Each of the
              seven-segment digits and three
              decimal places can be addressed
              individually and use low power
              red LEDs to produce a display
              that while highly visible has a
              current consumption of 20mA at
Tools         Bahco has gained a world-wide    BAHCO          218
              reputation for the professional
              quality of its tools and the
              thoroughness of its Swedish-
              driven Ergo 11-point ergonomic
              design programme. Now its other
              well-known mechanical tool
              brand. Belzer, is being
              rebranded under the Bahco name.
              The quality remains the same
              and the rebranding process
              creates a greater tool
              selection within the Bahco
Measurement   The Top-Laser TRUMMY from INA    INA            219
              FAG represents the latest
              edition to the company's
              comprehensive product portfolio
              for the optimised adjustment
              and monitoring of different
              types of drives. The rugged and
              easy-to-use Top-Laser TRUMMY is
              a high-precision optical
              electronic measuring
              instrument, enabling optimum
              measurement, and adjustment of
              belt tension in belt drives.
Automotive    Blue Diamond, the Southampton    BLUE DIAMOND   220
components    based engineering company, has
              extended its services to cover
              the supply of a wide range of
              automotive components. Working
              with carefully vetted suppliers
              in Europe and the Far East,
              sourcing from Blue Diamond
              provides all the benefits of
              global procurement with the
              reliability and convenience of
              a single UK store. Products
              include power steering, power
              train seals and components.
Automation    In the autumn of 2004 Okura      OKURA          221
              Automation completed the         AUTOMATION
              installation of a turnkey
              conveyor system for the alloy
              wheels production line at the
              Montupet Ltd plant in Belfast.
              The system incorporates chain
              driven, lineshaft and gravity
              roller conveyors with triple
              strand chain transfers being
              employed at the deburring
              stations. The control system
              includes a panel view with an
              operator interface touch screen
              displaying the system status,
              cell outputs and shift
Seats         Rescroft, the leading UK         RESCROFT       222
              designer and manufacturer of
              seating for multi-passenger
              vehicles, has launched a new,
              improved website:
     The green and
              grey Rescroft branding welcomes
              visitors to the site, which as
              well as giving interesting
              company information, provides a
              very easy route to every single
              product in its range. Each
              product page has a link to a
              printable page with
              specification details.
Power supply  Omron has extended its switch-   OMRON          223
              mode power supply range with a
              super-compact model that sets
              new benchmark standards in
              performance. The S8VS Micro
              provides 100 per cent
              performance, without any
              derating, right up to its
              maximum operation temperature.
              Available in 15W and 30W
              models, with a choice of 5VDC,
              12VDC or 24VDC outputs, the
              S8VS Micro is an ideal solution
              for customers who seek a
              suitable power supply for their
              downsized machines.
Ethernet      Omron has redefined the          OMRON          224
              threshold for distributed
              control over 100 Mbit/s
              Ethernet by integrating a
              100Base-TX Ethernet interface
              on its smallest modular PLC.
              Three new CPU models in the
              CJ1M PLC range add a reliable,
              high-speed Ethernet interface
              to the existing two serial
              ports, providing an economical
              method of connecting a PLC to
              industrial Ethernet networks
              for seamless and smart
              distributed control.
Welding       ESAB has introduced the          ESAB           225
machines      OrigoMag range of super-
              regualted MIG/MAG welding power
              sources for those who want
              high-quality equipment for
              producing good results on less
              complex tasks. The key to the
              success of the single phase
              OrigoMag C150, C170, C200 and
              C250 machines is a Power
              Smoothing Device that delivers
              performance comparable with
              that of three-phase machines.
              Other features include easy
              change of polarity.
Testers       The latest edition to the Clare  CLARE          226
              range of electrical safety       INSTRUMENTS
              testers is a set of specialist
              cable and wiring harness
              testers. The Horizon 1500
              series of cable and harness
              analyser tests everything from
              simple data cables to complex
              wiring assemblies associated
              with the automotive, aerospace,
              computing, medical, military
              and telecoms industries. The
              Horizon is equipped with 128
              high voltage test points as
Adhesives     Following the highly successful  ROCOL          227
              launch of a new range of
              industrial adhesives 12 months
              ago, market leading lubricants
              manufacturer Rocol is preparing
              for continued growth in this
              specialist sector. The range,
              which comprises a comprehensive
              collection of sealing, bonding
              and thread locking adhesives
              has been successfully launched
              in 15 countries. This has led
              to the establishment of an
              adhesives unit at Rocol's
              headquarters in Leeds.
Dispenser     A new Loctite dispensing unit    LOCTITE        228
              designed for two part epoxies
              has been introduced by Henkel
              Technologies. The Dual Piston
              High Volume Dispenser is a
              volumetric system for self-
              levelling two part adhesives.
              It has been especially designed
              for potting applications at
              manual and semiautomatic
Data          Campbell Scientific has opened   CAMPBELL       229
acquisition   its third continental office to  SCIENTIFIC
              further enhance the service and
              support it can provide
              throughout Europe. The new
              office in Bremen, Germany, was
              opened after the appointment of
              Jens Lamping as regional
              manager. The company, which
              manufactures rugged and
              accurate data acquisition
              products including weather
              stations, has also launched a
              new website.
Data logging  A leading supplier of equipment  DATATAKER      230
              to the rail industry has chosen
              the DataTaker DT800 data logger
              to monitor and record
              performance of its braking
              systems. A DataTaker 800 data
              logger complete with DeLogger
              Pro software and GSM modem were
              supplied satisfying the
              operational needs. All units
              were mounted in a suitable box,
              conforming to regulations and
              the box was mounted to the
              train that was to be monitored.
Fastenings    Fastener specialist PSM          PSM            231
              International has announced the  INTERNATIONAL
              opening of its new state-of-
              the-art manufacturing plant in
              the Czech Republic. The
              investment, in excess of 10
              million euros, is described by
              the company as the cornerstone
              of its strategy to double its
              share of the European fastener
              and joining systems market in
              the next three years. At the
              same time the company is
              planning new investment in its
              UK facilities.
Fume          Monmouth Scientific are pleased  MONMOUTH       232
cupboards     to announce the launch of a      SCEINTIFIC
              brand new range of filtratrion
              fume cupboards, downflow
              benches and downflow
              workstations. The entire range
              has been designed by probably
              the most experienced team of
              engineers in the UK. Monmouth
              cabinets are available in a
              variety of different sizes and
              configurations and they can
              design and manufacture cabinets
              for any special requirements.
Data          Campbell Scientific's product    CAMPBELL       233
acquisition   range is full of robust          SCIENTIFIC
              instruments for users who need
              to be sure of their data, often
              in rugged and extreme
              conditions. The AllegroCX hand
              held PC is designed to meet
              those expectations. The case is
              rugged, shock resistant and
              chemical resistant. Gaskets
              completely seal the case from
              water and dust. It even floats.
              The Allegro operates in
              temperatures ranging from 22 to
              130 degrees F.
Springs       When a manufacturer of seats     WILLIAM        234
              for passenger cars had           HUGHES
              problems with the spring
              mechanism used to raise the
              driver's seat, it contacted
              William Hughes. The specialist
              spring manufacturer decided to
              use a special spring made from
              hexagonal section material. By
              tightly controlling the
              manufacturing tolerances and
              specification of the hexagonal
              material, the new spring could
              be manufactured very accurately
              to ensure consistency and
Foundry       Thomas Dudley has enhanced the   THOMAS DUDLEY  255
              manufacturing capability of its
              foundry division. The company's
              automated foundry already
              produces grey/ductile iron
              castings. Castings are
              engineered to customer
              specifications using CAD/CAM
              and CNC pattern making, design
              and prototyping plus a full
              range of finishing and coating.
              The new Air Set facility
              manufacturers casting up up to
              1.5m X 1m and 200Kg in batches
              from one to hundreds.
Catalogues    Compressed air and fluid         THORITE        235
              process systems specialists.
              Thorite, announce the
              availability of their biggest-
              ever, free catalogue. Running
              to over 400 pages, new full
              colour publication contains the
              finest selection of products at
              the most competitive prices
              available. The catalogue
              features best selling ranges of
              pneumatic control equipment,
              process control products,
              industrial and workshop
              compressors, air handling
              equipment and safety equipment.
Flow control  As an official UK distributor    PVL            236
              of Honsberg products, PVL can
              now offer an extensive range of
              flow control and level switches
              with ATEX certification,
              extending the scope for uses of
              these products in hazardous and
              potentially explosive areas.
              The range includes piston valve
              designs, piston inline designs
              and paddle designs for flow
              control, plus a float switch
              for level control. Switch heads
              are certified to ATEX directive
Cleaning      Clayton Thermal Processes        CLAYTON        237
              Limited is pleased to announce   THERMAL
              that its dedicated contract      PROCESSES
              cleaning shop opened in 2005.
              The facility will enhance the
              service to the polymer and
              paint industries for the
              removal of paint and plastic
              from metallic parts and the to
              the foundry industry for the
              decoring of castings. Clayton
              Thermal Processes offers fast
              turnaround for cleaning of
              jigs, fixtures and painted
              parts, hot runners, pumps,
              dies, filters and screws.
Crack         Veritec Sonomatic,               VERITEC        238
detection     one of the world's leaders in    SONOMATIC
              non-destructive testing using
              advanced ultrasonic systems for
              defect characterisation and
              product sentencing, has
              developed techniques
              specifically aimed at the paper
              and print industries. Using
              time-of-flight diffraction
              techniques, the company is able
              to carry out in-situ tests to
              detect cracking on both the
              internal and external surface
              of steel rolls.
Cooling       Rittal now offers specially      RITTAL         239
              treated cooling units for use
              in corrosive environments. With
              the enclosure's external
              surfaces and internal
              components coated to protect
              them against hostile air bound
              substance, the units offer the
              ideal solution for industries
              such as food and beverage,
              water, marine, oil, gas and
              chemical. Comprehensive
              treatment is available on
              standard, stainless steel as
              well as NEMA 4X units.
Power         For the new generation of        RITTAL         240
distribution  busbar systems, Rittal's broad
              range of component adaptors,
              ranging from 12A to 250A, offer
              a flexible solution in power
              distribution. Component
              adaptors are available prewired
              or with terminals for
              self-wiring for simple control
              panel design. Using prewired
              component adaptors the time
              required to install a combined
              contractor and motor circuit
              breaker is less than five
Scaffolding   Lobo Systems, the Derby based    LOBO           241
              company producing the world's    SYSTEMS
              most sophisticated scaffolding
              system, has won orders from
              some of the US'sbest know
              companies including Boeing,
              Ford General Motors and NASA,
              Lobo scaffolding provides
              access to almost any piece of
              ground based equipment without
              the use of tools. It is made up
              of trestle legs that vary in
              size with adjustable side
              bracing clamps.
Healing       Four carbon medium wave          HERAEUS        242
              infrared heating systems, from   NOBLELIGHT
              Heraeus Noblelight of Neston,
              are helping Magna Speciality
              Confectioners to achieve better
              control over the quality of
              their filled chocolate
              products, as well as saving
              energy and space when compared
              with the previous chocolate
              heating system. Heraeus
              Noblelight specialises in the
              production and application of
              high-quality energy sources
              covering the entire
              electromagnetic spectrum.
Furnace       Azmusebat(umlaut over u), one    CARBOLITE      243
              of Turkey's biggest razor blade
              producers, has increased
              throughput at its factory in
              Istanbul with the installation
              of a second specialised heat-
              treatment furnace from UK
              manufacturer Carbolite. The
              furnace, which is designed to
              harden and temper four strands
              of thin stainless steel strip
              simultaneously in a continuos
              process join an existing
              Carbolite unit, installed three
              years ago.
Motors        At SPS, Baldor is demonstrating  BALDOR         244
              an innovative solution for
              Ethernet controlled motion that
              supports advances in the
              efficiency and ease of control
              system building, without
              forcing OEMs to completely
              reengineer their automation
              architectures. Based on real-
              time and deterministic Ethernet
              Powerlink protocol. Baldor's
              Ethernet-compatible motion
              controller and servo motor
              drives connect with cost-
              effective CANopen devices.
Motors        A high-integrity motion control  BALDOR         245
              system, capable of positioning
              patients to within half a
              millimetre, is currently being
              commissioned for commercial
              operation at Europe's first
              proton beam therapy facility,
              the Rinecker Proton Therapy
              Centre in Munich. A novel
              eight-axis control system has
              been designed for the machine
              by IPG of Switzerland. It is
              based on motion control
              components from Baldor.
Automation    Parker Automation has launched   AJM            246
              an all-new highly-affordable     AUTOMATION
              range of human/machine
              interfaces, the PA
              Powerstation, which is
              available in 5in. 6in. 8in and
              10in screen versions. The whole
              range is made by CTC Parker
              Automation and available in the
              UK through the partner
              organisation AJM Automation in
              Derby. All units are centred
              around a colour touch screen
              with the connectivity of
              Parker's Interact HMI software.
Filters       ACS have added a new filter to   AIR CLEANING   247
              their range of 'fit and forget'  SYSTEMS
              filters for the control of oil
              emulsion mist, which offers an
              efficiency of 99.99 per cent.
              Designed primarily for the
              machining industry the OMF has
              an air handling capacity of
              1000m3H and is intended as a
              stand alone filter to service
              one or two extract positions.
              Its aim is to control
              oil/emulsion mist and smoke at
              source arising from machining
              operations such as turning,
              hobbing and grinding.
Passive       Tyco Electronics, the world's    TYCO           248
Components    largest supplier of passive      ELECTRONICS
              components, has accorded Arrow
              Electronics its title of UK and
              Ireland Distributor of the Year
              2004. The award recognises
              Arrow's achievements in new
              demand creation as well as
              increasing sales with its
              existing Tyco Electronics
              customer base. Richard Bragg of
              Tyco Electronics said the award
              was well deserved following a
              42 per cent increase in sales.
Testing       KTL an independent testing       KTL            249
              laboratory, officially
              recognised by the DSL Forum,
              today announced that the
              company will cooperate with
              Texas Instruments Incorporated,
              a leading digital subscriber
              line customer premises
              equipment supplier, to improve
              more extensive interoperability
              testing. The collaboration with
              KTL ultimately allows TI's
              customers to reach the market
              faster and more cost-
              effectively with leading DSL
              CPE products.
Displays      PremierView-WF is the latest     CALIBRE        250
              LCD monitor from specialist
              display manufacturer Calibre
              UK. Designed to connect
              directly to the Seimens WF470
              it is also compatible with many
              later high-resolution Seimens
              systems too. Two sizes are
              available, and 18.1in and a
              15in. Both provide bright,
              sharp high-contrast images from
              the WF470 control system. Both
              models are housed in industrial
              quality metal cases.
Cleaning      MSS discovery racing team were   CLEAN-TEK      251
Solution      looking to move to aqueous
              cleaning of performance bike
              engines, they turned to
              Clean-Tek. The team relies on
              outstanding performances from
              its Kawasaki road bikes. To
              improve speed and quality of
              engine preparation, they
              purchased a B150 aqueous rotary
              basket washer and AquaTec
              MD cleaning solution. "The B150
              has made a tremendous
              improvement in the preparation
              of our bike engines" commented
              Stuart Simmons (co-owner)
Air           Synergy is a unique solution,    THE FROGBOX    252
Conditioning  integrating refrigeration and    COMPANY
              air conditioning within a
              single compact housing. Synergy
              had been designed for retail
              outlets, but is equally
              effective with any environment
              using heating/cooling
              technologies. Synergy
              eliminates the drawbacks of
              heat pump technology and
              dramatically increases
              efficiency, in part by
              utilising the heat generated by
              the refrigeration plant to
              increase the overall
ECM           To help demystify the new EMC    REO            253
DIRECTIVE     Directive, REO has published a
GUIDE         series of FREE mini guides,
              which can be downloaded from
              their website. The new
              Directive put the onus on
              virtually everyone in the
              supply chain from designers, to
              equipment owners, to ensure
              that equipment, whether it is a
              finished appliance or a fixed
              installation conforms to the
              essential requirements of the
              Directive. For more information
              and to download the free mini
              guides, vist
Packaging     As one of the world's leaders    NEFAB          254
              in outdoor maintenance products
              and power tools, Husqvarna
              adopt the Nefab PlyPak solution
              for their chainsaws and
              cutters. When buying a power
              product it usually comes with
              accessories and conventional
              packaging can be expensive and
              also unreliable. PlyPak
              solution from Nefab offers
              superior protection during
              distribution, smarter image at
              point of sale and acts as a
              durable toolbox.

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