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The end of the chase.

I was hunting in a small woodlot loaded with white oaks the second week of November. As the early morning darkness gave way to first light, I noticed a small forkhorn following a doe. The eager little buck chased this doe in heat all over the woods for about a half hour, until the doe decided to bed down 15 yards downwind of me. The 4-pointer stood guard about 30 yards away, panting from the chase. I stood motionless, taking in the scene unfolding in front of me and enjoying every second of it. All of a sudden, the buck snapped his head to an open hay field, and as I slowly turned my head, this mature 8-pointer came into view. He let the smaller buck know who was boss! The wide 8 then came right to the doe, as if he were on a string. She jumped up and quartered directly away from me as the buck stood where the doe had bedded. At one point, he looked right up at me as he was lip-curling her scent, and I thought I was pegged. He proceeded to follow the doe and gave me a perfect quartering away shot at 10 yards. My Mathews performed flawlessly, and the big 8 was down within sight.


Mike Flack, Green Lane, Pa.
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Title Annotation:SURESHOTS
Author:Flack, Mike
Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Sep 18, 2012
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