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The end of subjective end-point determination: Leaf Porometer.

The Leaf Porometer automatically measures stomatal conductance and eliminates human error by picking the end point. The direct readout gives either conductance or resistance, which can be saved or exported to a PC. The simple-to-use, automatic-read mode removes the subjectivity of determining the end point and allows for 30-second-fast measurement. A manual mode is used to see and record the data by hand. The Porometer measures stomatal conductance using a steady-state technique, which measures the vapor pressure and vapor flux of a leaf surface. Features include a robust delrin-and-aluminum sensor head, and a compact clip and box (easy to hold and extremely lightweight at 450 g (~1 lb). There are no tubes, pumps, fans, shoulder slings, or straps, and three selectable units: mmol/([m.sup.2] s), ([m.sup.2] s)/mol, and s/m.


Decagon Devices, Inc., Pullman, Washington USA; 509-332-2756,

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Publication:Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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