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The empress has no clothes; conquering self-doubt to embrace success.


The empress has no clothes; conquering self-doubt to embrace success.

Roche, Joyce M. and Alexander Kopelman.

Berrett-Koehler Publishers


204 pages



Roche presents a self-help guide for aspiring business men and women. She focuses on what she calls "impostor syndrome," a distortion in the way we see ourselves when we hide from success and doubting our capabilities. It is the social anxiety whereby one feels they are a "fake" and going to get found out. The book starts with a short test to determine whether you suffer from the malady. Most of the book is about her experience with and overcoming the syndrome. She stresses how important it is to talk about the feelings of self-doubt, to not let bigoted assumptions trigger your self-doubts, and to break cycles of external validation. She also writes about why gender matters and other issues of discrimination, but at the same time describes "glass ceilings" as myths. She is a businesswoman who writes affirmatively of "climbing the ladder," which she did when she became the first African American vice president of Avon.

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Date:Dec 1, 2013
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