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The emergence of modern Hebrew creativity in Babylon from 1735-1950.


The emergence of modern Hebrew creativity in Babylon from 1735-1950.

Hakak, Lev.

Purdue University Press


258 pages



Shofar supplements in Jewish studies


Hakak (Hebrew language and literature, U. of California-Los Angeles) places literature by Jews in modern Iraq and Mesopotamia in the context of the exile of Jews to Babylon during ancient times, and the persistence of Jewish culture in the region down the centuries through the many changes of rulers. He covers poetry, folktales, reportage, epistles, research of literature, a short story, and Hebrew periodicals. Among his topics are playful poetry by rabbi Nissim Matsliyah, the folktales of rabbi Yosef Hayyim, scholar of medieval Hebrew poetry Shaul Abdullah Josef, and an anthology of poems and compositions from the students of Shammash school.

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Title Annotation:Shofar supplements in Jewish studies
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Date:Nov 1, 2009
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