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The effects of wood smoke on the germination of seeds. (Senior Division).

Filter paper was exposed to various types of wood smoke for thirty minutes in a commercial smoker. The filter papers were placed in petri dishes and soaked with distilled water. Sunflower, wheat and corn seeds were germinated on the soaked filter papers in the covered petri dishes, which were kept in a controlled environment. At first, the seeds on smoke-treated paper grew faster than control seeds germinated on filter paper not treated with any smoke. However, by the end of the trials, the control seeds ended up growing more than the seeds grown on smoke-treated filter paper. It was thought that the seeds on smoke-treated paper used up the available nutrients within three days and stopped growing, while the control group grew at a steady pace for more than three days and only stopped growing due to lack of water. Overall, though, overlap in the standard deviations of the mean values for the experimental and control groups indicated no significant difference in growth between the two groups. Still, the speculative conclusion was drawn that cedar smoke inhibited the growth of wheat seeds.

Courtney Cudlip and Elissa Kay, Cherry Creek High School
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Author:Cudlip, Courtney; Kay, Elissa
Publication:Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Apr 1, 2002
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