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The ecology of juvenile salmon in the Northeast Pacific Ocean; regional camparisons; proceedings.


The ecology of juvenile salmon in the Northeast Pacific Ocean; regional camparisons; proceedings.

Symposium on Ocean Ecology of Salmon in Western North America... (2005: Anchorage, Alaska) Ed. by Chruchill B. Grimes et al.

American Fisheries Society


247 pages



American Fisheries Society symposium; 57


The fortunes of salmon are significant indicators of ecological and environmental conditions on the west coast of the US. These proceedings of a September 2005 symposium include research comparing and contrasting the conditions of various species, including coho, Chinook and steelhead salmon from Alaska to California. After the editors introduce the objectives of the study, contributors give a brief history of the ocean ecology of salmon in the northeast Pacific Ocean, compare coastal distributions of juvenile salmon from central California to the northern Gulf of Alaska, describe stock-specific migrations of juvenile coho derived from coded-wire tag recoveries, describe epipelagic fish assemblages in the neritic waters of the California and Alaska Currents, analyze motile salmon lice, compare feeding patterns, describe regional variations in the marine growth and energy accumulation of juvenile Chinook and coho, and give mortality rates for chum salmon during their early life in the open sea.

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