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The e-Intifada.

This Intifada will be digital

I was in my senior year at high school when the Second Intifada began in September 2000. While it wasn't my first exposure to injustice in Palestine, it was a moment in which personal concern for the cause was cultivated. We skipped class, jumped school walls, and joined protests in the streets, while regional mainstream media broadcasted a looping video of 12-year old Muhammad Durra being shot.

Then came the Jenin Massacre, and we protested. Images and videos of Israeli tanks invading a camp proliferating on the Web for the first time.

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Whatever happened to Middle Eastern Studies?

"Assistant Professor in Islam and Modernity," "Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies," "Professorship of Islamic History," "Specialist on Islam and/or Muslim Societies, Cultures, Arts, Politics, and/or Philosophy." These are just a sampling of the positions currently featured among the employment advertisements of the Middle East Studies Association. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the United States, there was certainly an expectation among specialists in Middle Eastern studies that attention among university planners and administrators would shift to Islam and, accordingly, there would emerge a surfeit of positions, conferences, and research projects framed in terms of Islamic studies as opposed to Middle Eastern studies.

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Ten things I overheard at yesterday's You Stink protest

Just yesterday, Downtown Beirut witnessed the familiar scene of civil movement demonstrations. Supporters of the "You Stink" and "Badna N7assib" organizations gathered in the heart of the capital to make their voices heard. Here are 10 things we overheard while going about our patriotic duty.

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Date:Oct 12, 2015
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