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The drinks are on us; your letters.


A MINIMUM price for alcohol won't change anything other than offend most people.

The majority of problem drinkers are young and have few commitments. But for families who enjoy a glass of wine with their evening meal, increasing the cost of a bottle will see them cut back, resulting in less tax revenue for the Government.

I recall Cameron saying "we're all in this together" but if that's the case, why are bars and restaurants in the Commons still subsidised by the taxpayer? The Coalition's plans to tackle binge drinking are naive at best, and Orwellian at worst.

Gerry E Poulson South Molton, Devon

THE Government says a minimum price for alcohol will solve the ills in society but I'd like to know who benefits from the money raised.

Do the drinks firms make even larger profits or is it yet another stealth tax? Whatever the outcome, sensible drinkers will lose out because, let's face it, the louts and the alcoholics will still find the money for booze whatever happens.

C Wiles, Sheppey, Kent

I'M in favour of fighting drunkenness on the streets of our towns and cities but why should responsible people have to pay for the irresponsible?

We normally enjoy a glass of wine on a Sunday but this may stop with the value of my pension being slashed and my pension credits being cut to give millionaires a tax break. How can we trust this Government?

Denis Sewell, Redcar, Cleveland

DAVID Cameron is pushing for a minimum price per unit of alcohol but this won't stop binge drinking.

All it will do is increase the crime rate - as people steal to fund their habit - and increase the amount of tax going to the Treasury.

In other words, it's just another stealth tax. This Government must think that we're stupid.

Allan Day, Basingstoke, Hants

PEOPLE say beer is cheaper now than years ago but if this is so, why are pubs closing down? It's because no one can afford the prices. As for being able to buy beer for 20p a can, I've never seen it so cheap.

This Government doesn't care about our health - its destruction of the NHS is proof of this. It simply wants to rake in more tax from alcohol and divert attention away from a hugely unpopular budget.

M McAlister, Rotherham

THE Government's plans to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol aren't about tackling binge drinking, they're about putting up the price of drinks in supermarkets and punishing home drinkers.

No doubt the bars at Westminster will be exempt from any price increase. This hike is just another stealth tax on the already over-taxed man on the street.

R Elliot, South London

A GOOD idea to help tackle binge drinking among the young would be to serve people between the ages of 18 and 25 weak drinks only.

In my day the elders in the pub would keep an eye out on the young but who listens to older people nowadays? Respect and discipline have gone out of the window.

Pete Mansfield Stoneleigh, Surrey

The BIG Issue

THE Government is introducing a 40p minimum price on alcohol and forcing pubs and clubs to pay for policing in a bid to tackle binge drinking. The PM claims the move will cut crime and save lives but you say it's a stealth tax...
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Title Annotation:Business; Opinion, Columns
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 27, 2012
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