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The drinkable IV, SOS Recovery Hydration, has arrived.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SOS is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated new addition; the Mango flavoured "Recovery Hydration" formula.

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Dehydration isn't just for the sports field, it's a round the clock issue, and is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. Within sleek metallic black packaging, the new recovery specific hydration is as effective as an IV Drip for combatting mild to moderate dehydration.

The new formula is in response to demands from our consumers who want something that can tackle dehydration during the daily grind. Be it recovering from an evening's excess*, to staying hydrated from a long day in the office.

SOS Recovery Hydration has been formulated by Co-Founder Dr. Blanca Lizaola, through applying proven medical and sports science to tackle dehydration fast. Containing the correct balance of electrolytes, no artificial additives and utilising natural Cane Sugar with only 10 calories per stick, SOS helps you absorb three times more water than water alone.

CEO and Co-Founder James Mayo is ecstatic about the long-awaited arrival of the Recovery formula: "over the past four months we identified that our consumers' and athletes' daily state of dehydration was a key factor in maintaining a fully functioning body. People were hydrating for a workout but did not treat their bodies the same way when out socializing. The key factor was to develop a fruitier product with the same IV capabilities that satisfies people's demands to work hard and play harder. We call it "Lifestyle Survival".

About SOS:

Founded in 2013, SOS is a doctor formulated hydration drink. SOS is based on the proven science of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Oral Rehydration Guidelines, as well as the American College of Sports Medicine research on dehydration.

SOS is free of artificial additives, has 3x the electrolytes of the average sports drink with just 1/6 the sugar. When mixed with water an SOS helps the body to absorb 3x more water than from water alone.

* SOS does not in any way support or encourage underage, excessive, or irresponsible drinking.

James Mayo, CEO & Co-Founder James is a former professional athlete and Army Veteran.

Blanca Lizaola MD, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder Dr. Blanca is a qualified medical doctor with a specialty in Internal Medicine and a passionate focus on GI.


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Date:Oct 27, 2015
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