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The dream which is bigger than I am.

What is a dream? I like to define it as something we carry with us in our minds. We believe it, and it drives us.

If we start helping our dream by doing things to take us in the direction of our dreams, we begin to exercise our talents and energy toward a vision. Dreams and visions are natural for humans because we are a creative species driven to explore, invent, discover. We each have our own ideas to follow and dreams to create.

The WCF attendees had dreams ranging from having a wonderful festival to becoming an architect. Together, they represented just a small fraction of the millions of possible art dreams.

But a dream is just the beginning. If we only dream about an idea and do not act upon it by taking steps, even little ones, toward making it a reality, then our dreams can die. Sometimes, we are not sure we are on the right track. Like snails peeping from their shells, we try to find a path to follow. Obstacles may keep us from getting very far the first time, but we learn as we go. We learn to keep our dream with us no matter how long it may take. Big dreams are those that may take an entire lifetime to achieve.

So where can you turn for support with your dream? Festival participants were happy to share their ideas with each other, and those conversations allowed them to expand and refine their dreams. Just getting to Washington was part of a dream which had come true and helped them to see bigger possibilities ahead. Who can you share your ideas with to help nurture your dreams? Think about the people around you. Maybe your family, teachers, or friends can help. They might have good advice, or they might be able to give you information about other resources you can turn to. Look for clubs, camps, or schools that can support your dream. Reach out to businesses or other organizations that might help with support, advertising, or by giving you an opportunity to apply the skills you are developing as part of your dream.

Think about what you need to keep your journey on course for success. Dreams may guide us toward a goal, but it is up to us to map out a path for getting there. Baby steps can lead us in the right direction, breaking a large vision into a manageable process. However big your dream is, the path to getting there is made up of smaller steps, persistence, hard work, and support.

Shona Hammond Boys is founder of New Zealand Art House Foundation.

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Title Annotation:World Children's Festival
Author:Boys, Shona Hammond
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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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