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The disappearing state?; retrenchment realities in an age of globalisation.


The disappearing state?; retrenchment realities in an age of globalisation.

Ed. by Francis G. Castles.

Edward Elgar Publishing


286 pages




Moves to reduce social expenditures by governments have led a significant number of commentators to predict a globalization-induced diminishment of the state. However, basing such predictions solely on social expenditures is inadequate, suggests Castles (social and public policy, U. of Edinburgh, UK), and it is necessary to look beyond to other areas of state expenditure, including public administration, military defense, public order, education, public debt interest payments, as well as to the expansion or contraction of the state's regulative activities in such areas. That is the goal of this these nine papers, which use residual estimates of aggregate core expenditures, functional breakdowns of government expenditure (also called classification of the functions of government or COFOG), and existing data series in order to assess the past quarter- century's trajectory of public expenditure. Generally, the research shows that there has in fact been no general cutback in state expenditures, thus undermining the argument that globalization is leading to a withering of the state.

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