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The difference between the water bath pot and the oil bath pot.

[USPRwire, Mon Sep 04 2017] Water bath heating:

1. The water bath is heated with water as a hot bath material hot bath method. As the water temperature in the standard atmospheric pressure, the maximum temperature is 100 aa, so the maximum temperature of the water bath is 100 aa.

2. The application of water bath treatment container product method: the water bath containers immersed in a large container containing water, the water bath containers should not be in direct contact with the larger containers, and then placed in a larger container heat source, stop heating to the proper temperature. After cooling, remove the water bath container.

Oil bath heating:

1. Oil bath heating is the use of high-temperature heat transfer oil as a hot bath material hot bath method. Commonly used oil is soybean oil, cottonseed oil and so on. The maximum temperature of the oil bath is higher than that of the water bath. The bath temperature is 100 aa and the oil bath temperature is 100 aa -300 aa.

2. Heating process: while heating, the material to be heated is usually placed in the container, the container placed on the heat source, some containers, such as glass containers and ceramic containers, if placed directly on the heat source, often due to uneven heating, temperature rise too fast, resulting in bursting, or due to poor heat transfer, so that heated material is not heated. To this end, the heating vessel products entering the laboratory should be hot-treated.

The so-called hot bath, the container is placed in the hot bath material, so that the temperature of the hot bath material slowly increased to a certain extent, let the slow cooling, so as to improve the container heat transfer performance, so that the container at the end of the uniform method. In the laboratory commonly used hot bath methods are water bath, oil bath, sand bath and so on.

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Date:Sep 4, 2017
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