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The dietitian's guide to vegetarian diets. Second edition.

The dietitian's guide to vegetarian diets. Second edition

Messina V, Mangels R, Messina M, Jones and Bartlett (Elsevier), Sudbury MA, 2004, 587 pages, $95.70, ISBN 0-7637-3241-9

This book is a revision of the first edition, it updates and expands the information presented. The book is meant to be used by dietitians and other health care professionals as an aid for counselling vegetarian clients. It is also meant to be used as a textbook for classroom study for students who have completed introductory coursework in nutrition. It can also be used as a review of the literature on vegetarian diets.

The book is worthwhile and accomplishes the purposes as outlined well. It is a complete guide to all the issues involved in nutrition and vegetarian diets. It is well written and summarises completely the latest research and information on the topic. It is informative and will prove a valuable tool to dietitians and other health professionals in their work. The book will be of value to specialists in the field and would also assist policy makers in formulating health policy concerning diet and healthy living. It will also be of interest to the public as a comprehensive and practical guide to successful living on a vegetarian diet. It provides information on vegetarian nutritional needs, healthier and more satisfying diets as well as guidelines for people with special considerations such as pregnant women, athletes and those with diabetes.

The authors are dietitians and nutritionists from the University of Michigan. They have published many books and articles on vegetarian diets. They work on a number of projects with the American Dietetic Association's Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice group.

The book is in five parts. Part 1 provides an overview of the vegetarian population and health status of this group. Part 2 examines nutritional needs within the context of a vegetarian diet--protein, fatty acids, calcium, other minerals, vitamins, soyfoods and phytochemicals with a chapter on meal planning. Part 3 addresses vegetarian diets throughout the life cycle--pregnancy, lactation, infants, children, adolescents and the elderly. Part 4 summarises practical issues of vegetarians, with chapters devoted to planning diets for weight control, diabetes and heart disease. This part also contains material on food preparation, emphasising foods that play important roles in vegetarian diets. Part 5 includes a glossary of vegetarian foods as well as an extensive resource list for professionals and clients. The appendices present data on vegetarian and non-vegetarian micronutrient and macronutrient intakes, serum lipid levels, blood pressure and anthropometry, all in tabular form. There are extensive nutrient tables and an excellent resource list in the appendices. It is complete in the information it provides. The information is accurate and current. It is practical and helpful in setting out the issues and applications of vegetarian diets. Many chapters include counselling points that will help health professionals translate and communicate technical information to clients in a simple and easily understandable way. New topics include chapters on macronutrient balance in diets, soy and phytochemicals.

This book compares favourably with similar publications in the area. As a textbook it is a leader in the field and is highly recommended.

Anne Swain

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney
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Author:Swain, Anne
Publication:Nutrition & Dietetics: The Journal of the Dietitians Association of Australia
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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