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The development of thinking and reasoning.


The development of thinking and reasoning.

Ed. by Pierre Darrouillet and Caroline Gauffroy.

Psychology Press


249 pages



This collection of essays presents research on the developmental foundations of human rationality and thinking. They are largely responding to Jean Piaget's work on developmental psychology and children. They are organized into two sections. In the first they pursue unexplored avenues and correct some of Piaget's assumptions about child and adult cognitive capacity. In the second they feature theoretical and empirical investigations into "dual-process" accounts of mental processing, where one "system" handles quick and often fallacious reasoning and another more analytical system that is strongly influenced by developmental events and factors. Specific topics include how kids create counterfactual alternatives to reality, the development of abstract conditional reasoning, reasoning by analogy, heuristics and biases research, and more. The contributors were originally participants in a 2010 conference of the same name as the boo. They're professors of social, developmental and educational psychology from European and North American universities. Psychology Press is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group.

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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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