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The deliberate search for the stratigraphic trap.


The deliberate search for the stratigraphic trap.

Ed. by M.R. Allen et al.

Geological Society Pubg. House


304 pages



Geological Society special publication; no.254


Oil and gas fields can be characterized according to three trap dimensions: hydrodynamic, structural, and stratigraphic. This collection is the result of a May 2004 meeting examining current petroleum industry perceptions of stratigraphic trap exploration together with the technologies, tools, and philosophy of stratigraphic trap exploration. The editors (of Sheel UK Ltd; Paladin Resources plc, UK; Veritas DGC Ltd., UK; and ConocoPhillips (UK) Ltd.) present 14 papers discussing such topics as creativity and measurement in the search for stratigraphic traps, case studies and future potential of stratigraphic traps in the Tertiary rift basins of Indonesia, identification of stratigraphic traps with subtle seismic amplitude effects in Miocene channel/levee sand systems of the Gulf of Mexico, the importance of stratigraphic plays in the undiscovered resources of the UK continental shelf, application of a sealing surface classification for stratigraphic related traps in the UK Central North Sea, the variability of turbidite sandbody pinchout and its impact on hydrocarbon recovery in stratigraphically trapped fields, and extrusive sandstone as a possible new class of stratigraphic trap. Distributed in the US by the American Assn. of Petroleum Geologists.

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Date:Jun 1, 2007
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