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The defense Financial Management And Comptroller School: it's not just financial management ... looking for heightened relevancy and currency in financial management education? The DFM&CS just might be for you.

The Professional Military Comptroller School (PMCS) began operations in 1968 in response to a study on financial management (FM) education in the Department of Defense (DoD). The school's program of instruction was designed to bridge the gap between technical functions and broad financial management responsibilities. Since that time, the school has evolved from a single twelve-week course to a four-week course in comptrollership--the Defense Financial Management Comptroller Course (DFMC)--plus a one-week Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC), in residence or mobile all tailored to meet the current needs of DoD's dynamic (and tough) financial environment.

Folks, this is NOT your mother's or your father's PMCS!

In 2004 we redesigned our courses to focus on broad comptrollership, leadership, and critical thinking, thus enabling students to assume the role of financial advisor rather than "scorekeeper." And to reflect our customer base, we changed the name: the Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School (DFM&CS), known also as the Ira C. Eaker Center for Professional Development, located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

To ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of what the FM community needs, the DFM&CS Advisory Committee--which includes representatives from Army, Navy, Air Force, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)--evaluates the curriculum every two years. Between evaluations, we tweak lessons based on student feedback, as well as input from our "customers" (that is, those supervisors who nominate their people to attend).

We currently offer one or four exciting weeks of challenging coursework that is never boring. For the four-week course, students need to come prepared with the mindset for two things. First, they will learn a lot from this course; second, they need to be prepared to work. This is not a "gentleman's course": They need to bring their "A" game!

As we contribute to the future of FM, the DFM&CS goal is to offer relevant material that expands the students' FM tool kit, broadens the aperture for how they address issues, and leads them down the path to address all things financial versus only what routinely falls on their desks.

We provide the essentials to fine-tune the foundational blocking and tackling of comptrollership. We also prepare students for the next level and beyond. Here is what we offer:

Premier accredited school targeted for mid-level FMers across the DoD

* Combined Service staff serving officer (0-4+), enlisted (E-8+), and civilians (GS-12+)

Year-round courses both in-residence and mobile

* Five 4-week Defense Financial Management Courses - 4 graduate credits, 122 CPEs

* Eleven 1-week Defense Decision Support Courses (resident/ mobile) - 27 CPEs

* Certified Defense Financial Manager testing available during the 4-week course

* Assorted professional development workshops/presentations upon request

Broad (whole-person) curriculum with five foundational pillars

* Leadership and Communications (Interpersonal, Group Dynamics, etc.)

* Joint and Contingency Comptroller Operations

* Strategic (Global Economics) Environment (Congress, other agencies, etc.)

* FM Framework (Basic Blocking and Tackling)

* Decision Support (Note: The one-week course DDSC is a fast-paced subset of DFMC--on steroids!)

Offers other professional/personal development opportunities

* SpeakEasy (like Toastmasters) elective

* Leadership electives

* Think-Tank elective

* Practical Excel applications (for analysis) elective

* Career development panels and lectures

* Health/fitness lectures and opportunities for participation

* True Colors personality assessment

* High-level speakers (senior leaders) from across the DoD

Operational construct

* Resident faculty, adjunct professors, and guest speakers using seminars, auditorium teaching, practical exercises, and evolving technology

Operational interests

* Meeting customer needs--developing FMers!

* Keeping curriculum current, relevant, and exciting

Want more information? Call the DFM&CS at (334) 953-7441 (DSN is 493), or visit our website at http://www.athatmillaukpd/dfmcs/
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Author:Gilchrist, Colonel Barbara J.
Publication:Armed Forces Comptroller
Date:Jun 22, 2010
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