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The deer here ain't so dumb, dear.

On any given day, you'll find the FBI Academy range on the Quantico Marine base is crawling with federal agents firing thousands of rounds of ammunition. You'll also find it crawling with deer, often wandering and browsing very close to the targets--while shooting is going on!

The reason they are there is because the academy grounds are, of course, restricted to official users, so there is no hunting allowed. And, as any avid deer hunter can tell you, deer learn where the no-hunting zones are, and many deer migrate to them every deer-hunting season. But what explains their nonchalant wandering around targets while volleys of gunfire fill the air?

Simple, say animal behaviorists: They have learned that despite all those gun blasts, none of them are ever hit. They don't behave that way in areas where gunfire is rare, but when it's heard, their fellow critters tend to fall down dead. To them, "Lotsa shots, no dead buddies" and "Not so many shots, lotsa dead buddies" is a pretty simple equation. It may even have some application to smarter humans--but then again, maybe not. They'd have to be smarter than deer, anyway.

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Title Annotation:Back Blast & other hot gases
Comment:The deer here ain't so dumb, dear.(Back Blast & other hot gases)
Author:Gilmore, Commander
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:May 1, 2012
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