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The debate over Hill 187.

I must first apologize for being so late with my final reply to Mr. Neil's letter appearing in the latest issue of Esprit de Corps magazine. The reason for my lateness was due to an extended illness.

I am not quite certain why Mr. Neil took it upon himself to write a partial list of those who were killed during the battle for Hill 187. I could add many more to his list if need be. However, if he were to re-read my initial letter he would see that I was wondering why he was so concerned with having some of his trenches destroyed, as he initially wrote about? For all we know it could have been from enemy action or from a couple of 'drop shorts,' which occasionally happened.

Then he goes on to say that I should read a volume called Strange Battleground. I am sorry to say I had never heard of it until he mentioned it, but I have looked it up since then, but have not as yet read it. But then he tells us that a Lt.-Col. Fairlie Wood would have something to say about the battle for Hill 187. I don't know why though, since Col. Wood wasn't there and I was. Whatever Col. Wood might have to say could only be hearsay at best.

And finally, I hope Mr. Neil was able to have the trenches repaired that he appeared to be so concerned about in his original letter.

Sgt. W.D. Pero, MM, CD (Ret'd)

The Royal Canadian Regiment
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Author:Pero, W.D.
Publication:Esprit de Corps
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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