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The dawn of human genetics.


The dawn of human genetics.

Babkov, V. V. Trans. by Victor Fet.

Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Press


775 pages




This was Russian geneticist and historian of genetics Babkov's final book, published in 2005 the year before his untimely death. He chronicled the rise of medical, or human, genetics in Russia during the 1920s, when such study was inhibited in the West by its connection with eugenics and therefore racism. He collected many of the original articles, letters, and other documents from the 1920s and 1930s and wrote a series of short interpretive articles himself to help explicate and interpret the primary source material. Among the topics are expectations of a new man, Bureau of Eugenics, genealogies and pathographies, early medical genetics, conditional tropism and the Moscow School, and the fate of Koltsov's eugenics. The Russian edition was published by Progress-Traditsa, Moscow. Fet (biology, Marshall U.) is a Russian-American poet, zoologist, editor, and translator.

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