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The cutting edge of 1970s men's fashion.

OUR recent feature recalling the one-time men's boutique owned by 1970s Newcastle United superstar, Malcolm Macdonald, sparked plenty of memories.

One reader told us: "The clothes he sold were very well-made. My wife and I bought stuff there before heading off to St Tropez where people complimented us on what we wore."

And another added: "In 1976, my husband's wedding suit came from Supermac's shop. He hasn't got the suit today - but it would still fit him if he had!" Macdonald played for the Magpies between 1971 and 1976.

His male clothes shop, For The Exclusive Man, was situated in Newcastle's Newgate Shopping Centre.

Opened in 1969, it is currently being torn down to make way for a new PS100m hotel, flats and shopping complex.

Supermac told us "My shop was officially opened in 1972 by local runner - Brendan Foster.

"There were crowds there. The place was heaving, both inside the shopping centre - and outside."

He added: "It was good quality stuff, sold at a reasonable price.

"I used to wear the gear, of course, and most of the Newcastle United squad shopped there too."

Malcolm's business partner continued to run the shop after the striker departed for Arsenal in the summer of 1976, and it traded until the 1980s.

Today's picture of Supermac's shop was taken on July 10, 1976, a matter of weeks before the striker headed south to join the Gunners for a record PS333,333 fee.

"Even now, people still ask me about the shop," he says today.


Malcolm Macdonald's men's boutique, Newgate Shopping Centre, Newcastle, July 1976

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2016
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