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The cream of coatings?

BBGR HAS introduced a new flagship antireflective coating, Neva Max UV. In creating it, the company's R&D team based its work on the international standard for the measurement of UV protection for eyes, the Eye-Sun Protection Factor, or E-SPF. Neva Max UV offers a minimum E-SPF of 25 on all lens materials, except 1.5 clear.

Managing director of BBGR (Independents), Nick Browning, commented: "Neva Max UV is a groundbreaking product that signals the next generation of anti-reflective coatings and, more importantly, it enables opticians to offer patients a new level of perceived value, packaged in an attractive consumer message."

Recent studies reveal that up to 50% of UV rays entering the eye are reflected by the back surface of spectacles lenses. The additional layer in the rear-surface stack is said to enhance what, in Neva Max, was already the market's leading anti-reflective coating, offering smudge resistance, 99% transmission, dust repellence, hydrophobicity and 'the highest possible level of scratch resistance.

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY NEWS; BBGR antireflective coating
Publication:Optometry Today
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Date:Feb 8, 2013
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