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The costs of economic growth.


The costs of economic growth.

Ed. by Peter A. Victor.

Edward Elgar


991 pages



The international library of critical writings in economics; 275


Noting that "the commitment to economic growth, based on the assumption that the benefits of growth outweigh its costs, continues to prevail," Victor (environmental studies, York U., Canada) introduces this anthology by setting the context for an alternative view, namely that there are costs associated with growth, and there are limits to the benefits. Many who recognize the costs advocate yet more economic growth as a solution, but some are interested in "uneconomic growth," a term popularized by Herman Daly. Sixty selected articles and book excerpts are arranged in sections on the debate itself, limits to growth, measurement, international and global dimensions, developing countries, and the road ahead. Sources include Global Environment Change, Ecological Economics, Journal of Economic Literature, and Journal of Sustainable Development, among others. The anthology is not indexed.

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Date:Dec 1, 2013
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