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The cornhusker chapter tours Prairieland dairy.

Dan Rice, owner of Prairieland, did an exceptional job sharing the history of how he started in dairy and explained the dairy industry functionality of his operation. Prairieland is a 1,300 head Holstein dairy cow operation that produces its own milk, ice cream and a growing compost business. Dan is truly an innovator among his dairy peers. He has spent a lot of time developing and testing the A2 protein the Holstein cow has within their DNA. Most dairy cows carry either an A1 or A2 protein, which has proven to be an effective positive in those consumers affected by the complications due to the A1 protein that makes it difficult to consume. People have praised Mr. Rice on his A2 product that allows them to drink his milk without any health complications.

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Title Annotation:NAMA Chapter Highlights
Publication:Agri Marketing
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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