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The complete top 10 Nielsen audio results.

August sets the stage!

by Clark Smidt, Media Connector

Just ahead of the much anticipated annual NAB/RAB Convention in Indianapolis (September 10-12 with the Rain Conference 9/9) we'll have a complete set of the August PPMs for the 52 Top Markets. 6+ shares appear 13x per year and this set looks at June/July/August, 2014. Summer can be a hugely important barometer, setting the stage for the new season and changes coming with it. The rules are still very basic top line numbers for subscribers only. Maybe a little info on every station in every market will strengthen the vote for radio and bring in some new income.

1. NEW YORK. 6+ population 15,697,400. CBS Classic Hits WCBS/FM grows again 6.3-6.4-6.9 with another 4th high cume of 5.585 million. Morning talent, experienced NYC market program management and the local connect of The Greatest Hits now takes a .8 lead over Clear Channel A/C WLTW slipping 7.1-6.2-6.1 but adding to their #1 cume with another 160,000 listeners, hitting4.92 million. Emmis Urban A/C WBLS holds 3rd 5.6-5.5-5.5 followed by Spanish Broadcast (SBS) Tropical WSKQ 5.5-4.5-5.2 andCCU CHR WHTZ 5.2-5.5-5.0 now in 5th. Notes: CCU holds steady in 6th and 7th share rank for Classic Rock WAXQ 4.3-4.5-4.4 and RymA/C WKTU 4.0-3.9-3.9. Next, the CBS News/Sports Team scores News WINS 3.3-3.6-3.7, Sports WFAN A/F 3.1-3.3-3.5 and News WCBS/AM 4.0-3.7-3.4, and tied with Univision SpanishHits WXNY 3.7-3.0-3.4. There's a 3-way tie tie at 3.2 from consistent numbers on CCU UrbanContemp WWPR, Emmis RymCHR WQHT and CBS Hot A/C WWFS. Other News/Talkers are led by WNYC/FM 2.7 , CCU Talk WOR inches back to 1.6, and ties CMLSTalk 77 WABC, also 1.6. CBS CHR WBMP is up 2.4-3.1-3.0, CMLS HotA/C WPLJ 2.1-2.3-2.4 and non-comsF ordhamU AdultAlternative WFUV dipping to .6 while and Newark Jazz WBGO is now .9. 37 of 52 stations subscribe to Nielsen for a 71% reporting index . Ethnic comp. Hispanic 23%, Black 17%. TheMarket's Cluster Shares for July/August: CCU 25.0-24.2, CBS 23.2-20.7, Emmis 9.0-9.0 and Spanish Broadcast System 7.1-7.0. Total Market Fluctuation: 3.4.

2. LOS ANGELES. 10,860,300. CCU #1 again with Hot A/C KBIG up 4.9-5.0-5.3 and this time with #1 Cume 3.73 million. CCU CHR KIIS/KVVS up a notch 5.2-4.6-5.0 over CBS ClassicHits KRTH 5.5-4.7-4.9. 4th rank is now CCU A/C KOST 4.1-4.2-4.4 as Emmis RymCHR KPWR takes 5th 4.8-4.4-4.3. Notes: LA has44 Nielsen Subscribing stations and 24 register between 1.1 and 3.2 shares. 71 stations market stations bring a 62%subscriber rate. CBS CHR KAMP moves 4.0-3.9-4.2 and Univision Romantica KLVE gains 3.6-3.5-3.8 while RegMexican partner KSCA does 3.1-3.0-3.1. Bonneville Classic Rock KSWD is for real, growing 2.9-3.2-3.3. CCU Talk KFI rises 2.8-2.9-3.3 and CBS News KNX is also up 2.4-2.5-2.7. The final news book for CBS KFWB shows .2. CBS Adult HitsKCBS/F holds 3.0 and ModRock KROQ 2.8. In between is CCU RymOldies KHHT 2.8. 8 stations are in the 2.7-1.9 range. 10 subscribing stations are Spanish/Mexican with ethnic comp 43% Hispanic. Mt. Wilson's lone LA Country KKGO dips 2.4-2.1 and ties CBS UrbanA/C KTWV. Shares: CCU 23.9-23.8, CBS 17.1-19.9, Univision 8.8-9.3, Emmis 5.2-4.3. Total Market Fluctuation: 4.3.

3. CHICAGO. 7,819,200. 84 stations and asubscriber index of 52% . #1 6+ Shares continues with CCU UrbanA/C WVAZ 5.9-6.1-5.9 with only the 14th market cume. CBS lands 2nd with News WBBM/WCFS-FM 5.0-5.5-5.4 as Hubbard Broadcasting stays in 3rd with HotA/C WTMX 5.0-4.9-4.8. Once again, CCU has the #1 cume of 2.37 million from CHR WKSC/F 4.3-4.5-4.7. CMLS Classic Hits WLS/FM 3.4-4.4-4.6 is good for #5. Notes: This highly competitivemarket has 14 stations showing between a 1.0 and 3.0 share; 15 have less than a 1.0. CBS RymCHR WBBM/F still has the #2 cume and a 4.4 share, while CBS Country partner WUSN is 4.4-4.5-4.3. Tribune' s Talk WGN is now at 3.7 and tied with Hubbard's Classic Hits WDRV/WWDV. Three stations now share the 3.6 level as CCU HotA/C WLIT/F dips 4.1-3.8-3.6 and both Univision's RegMexican WOJO -- Chicagoland's top hispanic station -- and CMLS ModRock WKQX are both steady at the same 3.6. CCU UrbanComtemp WGCI is off 3.8-3.6-3.3 with CBS AdultAlt dipping 3.4-3.1.-3.0 CBS Classic HIts WJMK 2.5-2.3-2.7 and a tie at 2.3 for Hubbard A/C dipping 3.0-2.6-2.3 and ties CMLS Classic Rock WLUP. CBS has the #1 Sports format with WSCR at 2.1 and Chicago Public News/Talk WBEZ/WBEQ is 1.9. EthnicComp: Hispanic 20%, Black 17.6%. Shares: CBS 21.7-21.5, CCU 20.6-19.5 CMLS 11.5-11.8, Hubbard 10.8-10.8, Univision 6.9-6.9. Total Market Fluctuation: 1.6.

4. SAN FRANCISCO. 6,131,500. CBS News KCBS-KFRC/F repeats their #1 share 5.4-5.6-5.3 on the #8 cume. CMLS Sports KNBR 5.8-5.1-5.2 for 2nd,CCU UrbanContemp KMEL now #3 4.2-4.7-4.9, next NPRNews/Talk KQED 5.0-4.9-4.7 and CBS CHR KMVQ holds 5th rank 4.6-4.7-4.5. Notes: Entercom A/C KOIT repeats #1 Cume up 100,000 to 1.52 million and now ranked 6th 4.6-4.5-4.4. CCU hasA/C KIOI 3.9-4.0-4.1, RymCHR KYLD 4.3-4.1-3.6,R&BOldies WISQ 3.4-3.2-3.0 and Classic Hits KOSF 2.5-2.6-2.2. CBS counters with HotA/C KLLC holding 3.3 while ModRock KITS is 2.2 and ties U. Southern Cal. Classical Trimulcast KDFC/KXSC/KOSC. Univision Spanish KBRG recoups 3.5-3.2-3.5, Mexican KSOL/KSQL grows 2.0-2.1-2.3 to tie CMLS Classic Rock KSAN, complementing AdultAlt. KFOG/KFFG 2.2-2.2-2.0. CMLS Talk KGO and Sports KSFO tie at 1.7, with SBS Reg.Mex KRZZ. ETM UrbanA/C KBLX slips 2.7-2.6-2.5. Ethnic comp is 22% Hispanic. 34 stations above the line, 14 below for a 71% index . Shares: CCU 20.0-19.2, CBS 15.6-15.3, CMLS 13.2-13.3, ETM 9.2-10.3. Total Market Fluctuation: 2.3.

5. DALLAS. 5,301,200. 66 stations, 45% listed. CCU CHR KHKS repeats as #1 and #1: Shares 6.3-6.2-6.1, Cume 1.85-1.84 million. CCU takes 4th as Classic Rock KZPS grows 3.9-3.9-4.2. The CLMS pair of Country stations shows KPLX 6.1-5.6-5.7 to remain 2nd but KSCS is 3.9-4.3-4.0 slipping to 5th. CBS ClassicHits KLUV takes 3rd 4.4-4.1-4.3. Salem Communciations ' ContempChristian KLTY moves 4.1-3.5-4.4 and up to 3rd rank Notes: Service Broadcasting is up & down with their combo UrbanContemp. KKDA/F 3.6-3.6-4.0 and UrbanA/C KRNB 3.4-3.9-3.3, in a tie with Radio One RymCHR KBF 3.3-3.4-3.3. CCU Hot A/C KDMX holds 3.3-3.7-3.6 with Rockers WDGE holding 3.2 while KEGL dips 3.2-3.1-2.9. The RegionalMexican stand-off tied last month at 3.0 now shows gains for both Univision KLNO 3.1 and CBS KMVK 3.2. CBS HotA/C KVIL goes 3.2-2.9-3.1 and Adult Hits WJKK 2.9-2.7-2.9. The News/Talk race is tighter with CBS KRLD 2.4,CMLS WBAP up at 2.3 and North Texas Public KERA staying at 2.0. Radio One Urban A/C KSOC is also a 2.0. Sports didn't grow as CMLS pair KTCK sticks at 2.2, KESN dips to 1.5, tied with CBS KRLD/FM. Big D ethnic comp is 26% Hispanic. Shares: CCU 20.1-20.0, CMLS 18.0-18.0, CBS 16.4-16.8, Service Broadcasting 7.5-7.3. Total Market Fluctuation: 0.7.

6. HOUSTON-GASLVESTON. 5,025,800. CCU on top and again #1 Share for Soft A/C KODA 7.0-6.4-6.8 and #1 Cume 1.92-1.98 million. Radio One keeps 2nd and 5th ranks with Urban A/C KMJQ 6.2-6.3-6.4 and #5 RymCHR KBXX 6.0-5.7-5.6. Cox Media holds on to 3rd and 4th but trades places as ClassicHits KGLK/KHPT is 5.7-6.1-6.2 and Country KKBQ/F slides 7.3-6.2-6.1. Notes: 60 stations in the market split for a 50% subscriber index. EC: 34% Hispanic, 18% Black. Univision 's 5 stations are led by Reg.Mex KLTN remaining 6th 5.1-4.9-5.3, SpanishAdult KOVE/F 3.5 and the other 3 stations in Univision's Spanish/Mexican cluster, KAMA/F, KQBU and KLAT total 2.6. The CHR match now favors CMLS KBRE 3.9-4.0-4.0 over CBS KKHH 3.5-4.1-3.6; CBS HotA/C KHMX gains 3.3-3.6-3.9. CCU Urban KQBT stays 4.2-3.7-3.7 and ties CBS SpanishHits KLOL at 3.7. CBS Country KILT is now 3.3. The News/Talk contest is led by CCU WTRH 3.1, University of Houston WUHF 3.0 Radio One KROI inching to .9. Shares: CCU 20.0-20.2, CBS 16.1-16.4, Cox 14.3-14.1, ROI 12.8-12.9, Univision 10.9-11.5. Total Market Fluctuation: 1.4.

7. WASHINGTON, D.C. 4,522,700. Hubbard Broadcasting News WTOP/F-WTLP grows #1 share 8.2-8.0-8.5 with a 3rd place cume. News/Talk American University WAMU ranks 2nd6.2-6.4-6.2. CCU CHR WIHT again takes #1 cume 1.27-1.25 million and the 3rd ranked share 6.6-6.2-6.3. Howard University UrbanA/C WHUR stays steady 5.5-5.6-5.4 and CCU takes the 5th with A/C WASH 5.8-5.1-5.0. Notes: Radio One (ROI) staysat5 & 6 with Gospel WPRS 4.5-4.7-4.6 and UrbanA/C WMMJ 4.3-4.5-4.6 tied as UrbanContemp WKYS goes 3.2-3.6-3.3. CBS RymCHR WPGC/F does 4.1-4.2-4.1, Hot A/C WIAD 4.1-3.6-3.5, Sports WJFK 2.4, Tropical WLZL 2.0-1.9-2.3 and News WNEW/F holding1.2. CMLS N/T WMAL-A/F is 3.6-3.6-3.7 and CHR WRQX 2.0-1.9-2.1 . CCU rounds out their cluster with ClassicRock WBIG/F up 3.9-4.2-4.4 and Country WMZQ 4.1-4.0-3.8 ties with ModRock WWDC 3.6-3.5-3.8. Greater Washington Educational Classical WETA/WGMS maintains 3.7-3.8-3.7 and Columbia Union College ContempChristian has 3.4. Red Zebra Sports WTEM Trimulcast and sports WSPZ, as a cluster, dips 2.0-1.9-1.8 while Pacifica WPFW hits .8. 27 of 52stations subscribe at 52%. Ethnic Comp. Black 27%, Hispanic 14%. Shares: CCU 23.1-23.0, CBS 13.6-13.9, ROI 12.8-12.5, Hubbard 8.1-8.6. Total Market Fluctuation: 1.2.

8. PHILADELPHIA. 4,493,700. Crowded and competitive 33 subscribers, 19 DNS, 63% index . Constantly on topis Jerry's Lee's stand-alone A/C WBEB. #1 share 7.3-6.5-6.5, #1 cume 1.55-1.6 million. The gap to second place has narrowed to just a .3 as CBS Classic Hits WOGL comes back 6.8-5.8-6.2 dropped Beasle y Country WXTC 6.4-6.3- 5.5 and tied CCU Urban A/C WDAS 5.3-5.5- 5.5 . CCU Urban WUSL jumps too 5th 4.3-4.2-5.2. Notes: Greater Media's cluster is led by their own 5 tie between Classic Rock WMGX and Rock WMMR both going 5.4-5.1 for a second tie in a row. Greater Media 's Adult Hits WBEN slips 3.8-3.8-3.6 and Sports WPEN inches to 2.0, trailing CBS Sports WIP/F 3.6-3.2-3.3. Radio One combines R&BOldies WRNB 4.3-5.3-4.3 with RhyCHR WPHI 2.1-2.5-2.3 and Gospel WPPZ again at 2.1. CCU ModRock WRFF is 4.4-4.7-4.5, CHR WIOQ3.7-3.7-3.6 and RymA/C WISX 3.2-3.1-3.5. Beasley's RymCHR WPHI/F is2.1-2.5-2.3. CBS wins the News race with KYW 4.0-4.1-4.1 over the WHYY 6 station network Sextocast, rising 2.7-2.9-3.0. CBS Talk WPHT goes 2.2-2.5-2.3. Shares: CCU 21.3-22.3, Greater Media 16.5-15.8, CBS 15.6-16.0, Beasley 9.1-8.7, Jerry Lee 6.5-6.5. Total Market Fluctuation: 2.5.

9. ATLANTA. 4,322,100. 67 stations, with 42% from 28 subscribers. Cox takes 2/3 of the Top 6, including #1 ShareUrban A/C WALR6.5-6.3-6.8 moving up from #4& A/C WSB/F 6.2-7.0-6.4 and 350k ahead with the #1 Cume 1.27-1.35 million and tied with News/Talk WSB/WSBB-F 7.0-6.6-6.4 for 3rd. CBS UrbanContemp. WVEE 6.5-6.5-6.3 is 5th. Notes: Cox Classic Hits WSRV dips 5.5-5.8-5.2 followed by Salem Christian WFSH 5.2-5.0-4.7 and CMLS CHR WWWQ 5.0-5.0-4.6. Radio One's trio sets up with UrbanA/CWAMJ/WUMJ5.2-4.4-4.3, UrbanContemp WHTA 3.8-3.7-4.2 and Gospel WPZE 3.9-3.5-3.8. CMLS has the 2nd Country WKHX staying at 3.6, Classic Rock WNNX 1.6-2.0-2.1 and News/Talk WYAY 1.7-1.6-1.6. Lincoln FInancial offers HotA/C WSTR 3.7-3.4-3.7 and Sports WQXI .3 vs. CBS Sports WZGC 1.0. Clark Atlanta U. moves Jazz .9-.9-1.1. Ethinc Comp. 34% Black. Shares: Cox 25.7-24.8, CCU 15.7-15.6, CMLS 13.5-12.4 ROI 11.6-12.3, CBS 7.7-7.6. T otal Market Fluctuation: 2.9.

10. BOSTON. 4,022,600. The battle heats up with a new, very close .1 spread at the top. KISS 108 has been king of the hill for years but CCU CHR WXKS/FM, despite having the #1 Share, is off 7.9-8.2-6.9 and the #1 Cume also off a hair, 1.37-1.35 million! Greater Media controls the top slots, ranking 2nd, 3rd and 5th with another best ever 6+ for ClassicHits WROR 5.3-6.3-6.8. Country WKLB is now 3rd 7.0-6.0-6.3 and #5 ranked A/C WMJX is 5.7-5.9-5.6 holding the #2 cume but dropping 50k weekly listeners. CBS Classic Rock WZLX dips 5.8-6.2-6.1 but still leads for CBS. Notes: The demos from Classic Hits WROR and Classic Rock WZLX will shed more light on this story.CBS legendary News/Talk WBZ/AM goes 5.9-5.1-5.0 and format followers are non-comms BostonUniversity News/Talk WBUR 4.0-3.7-4.0 and N/T WGBH Foundation WGBH/FM gaining 2.4-2.4-2.9; GBH co-owned Classical WCRB finally jumps 1.3-1.4-2.1. The newCCU "Bull" Country WBWL is now holding at 1.2-2.6-2.6 with very visible TV and digital outdoor. The collection of Boston's CHR-RymCHR-RymA/C-HotA/C formats remains 5: WXKS 6.9, CBS Hot A/C WBMX 4.3-4.0-3.8, CCU RymCHR WJMN 3.6-3.5-3.5, CBS CHR AMP WODS 3.2-3.3-3.3 and Greater Media's WBQT is off 3.5-2.9-3.0 in a 3 way tie with GreaterMedia ModRock WBOS 3.5-2.9-3.0 and ETM Talk WRKO 2.6-2.7-3.0. The slumping Red Sox are prolonging the agony for Entercom Sports WEE/FM 3.3-3.0-3.3,ETM Rocker WAAF gains 2.7-2.8-3.1 and 50kw sports WEEI/AM was a July .4 share and 115k cume; just a month later it's a .2 share with 52k weekly listeners. Ouch! Football this weekend can't start soon enough for CBS Sports Hub WBZ/FM 2.9-2.6-2.7. 25 of 60 stations give a 42% Hub subscriber index. Total Ethnic comp 16.3%. Shares: Greater Media 24.9-24.7, CBS 21.2-20.8, CCU 14.7-13.2, ETM 8.9-9.6. Total Market Fluctuation: 2.7.

You have The Top 10 Nielsen Radio Markets, all in one place . Admittedly, the fluctuations from July to August were slight, at best. The largest market cluster win July to August is ClearChannel/Los Angles up 2.8; going the other way is GreaterMedia/Philadelphia off 5.8. The smallest total Market fluctuation from the top cluster share leaders: Dallas .7; Greatest: LosAngeles 4.3. Top 10 average market fluctuation, 2.3. One interpretation? Either we have new, across the board station consistency or the PPMs don't change during July and August. The New Season stimulates new ideas and success. Back to school, college, football, new shows, the World Series, elections and proving radio's value with a BIG 4th quarter. Much to hear, discuss and learn at the combined NAB / RAB & Rain, September 9-12, Indianapolis. Tune In and broadcast what great radio does, every day!

Broadcast Advisor Clark Smidt connectsclients with Content & Business Development , Branding, Strategy and insights from Research Director, Inc, Anapolis, MD . In Boston management since WBUR, WBZ AM&FM '71, he formulated the original Softrock: The Eagles. Without the turkeys. for CBS/FM '77, free-lance '82, owner/operator '87- 2012. Clark is a certified broadcast boomer, implementing new media synergy, positioning, presentation, new business, political advertising and local service that sells. No cost applications adds income and makegreat stations even better . Please 978 470-2120 clarkfsmidt@gmail.comto meet at the NAB.

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