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The competitions.

High school students from the Central Fraser Valley, BC, were invited to participate in the eighth annual chemistry lab skills contest held at University College of the Fraser Valley (UCFV). With the recent opening of a third chemistry laboratory at UCFV, and financial support as a result of a Promo-Science grant administered by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the maximum number of participants was increased this year. This increase resulted in 11 high schools from the UCFV catchment area entering a record of 17 four-person teams.

Each team completed seven experiments consisting of two quantitative determinations and five syntheses. The overall winner was one of two teams from W.J. Mouat Secondary School, consisting of Robert McDougall, Bradley Roger, Andrew Field, and Ezekiel Echon. Yale Secondary School, the winner for the last four years, placed second with the team of Brian Wong, Katie Newcombe, Rika Morrow, and Rebecca Graham. The team of Emily Glenn, Kuljit Dhaliwal, Ryan Dyck, and Jared Klassen, representing the Mennonite Educational Institute, was third. Members of the first-placed each received $100 and their school received a copy of The Merck Index for use in its laboratory. Members of the second- and third-placed teams each received $50 and $25, respectively. Complimentary snacks, lunch, and a custom-designed t-shirt were provided for all participants, and a number of the contestants won door prizes that had been donated by Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific. The traditional post-contest chemistry magic show, presented by UCFV staff and students, was well received by the participants and their guests.

Additional details, including photographs, can be found on the UCFV chemistry department Web site,

Arthur Last, MCIC

University College of the Fraser Valley
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Title Annotation:National Chemistry Week
Author:Last, Arthur
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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