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The coming China wars; where they will be fought and how they will be won.


The coming China wars; where they will be fought and how they will be won.

Navarro, Peter.

Financial Times Prentice Hall


263 pages




Navarro (Paul Merage School of Business, U. of California at Irvine) argues that the rise of China is the greatest threat to world peace and prosperity today. In making this argument, he identifies eight "wars" China is engaged in: destroying global intellectual property regimes, operating as a major banking hub for drug money laundering, despoiling the environment with toxic industrial emissions, working with dictators around the world in order to satisfy their need for oil, acting as a relentless imperial creditor nation, endangering the welfare and prosperity of lower Mekong River countries through the reconstruction of massive dams, failing to manage its own internal political stability, and threatening to unleash HIV/AIDS and other disease epidemics upon its own population and the rest of the world. His goal in this work is to identify the underlying economic roots of all of these "wars" in order to point the way towards solutions.

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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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