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The collected wisdom of ...

Errol Caldwell


Interim Executive Director, Science Enterprise Algoma

Age: 55

Residence: Echo Bay (east of Sault Ste. Marie)

Q What's your most prized possession?

"A big black four-legged hairy drool machine that I call Henry. He's my 150-pound Newfoundland dog. He's a big friendly guy about a year-and-half old."

Q Give me a sound piece of advice.

"You know those nasty e-mails or letters that people are sometimes tempted to write? Go ahead and do it, but before you send it, put it away in the file for a few days, look at it again before you hit the send button and most often you'll want to tone it down or decide it's not worth sending at all.

"I wish I would have followed this advice myself consistently. It could have saved me from some career-limiting behaviour in the past."

Q Where did you earn your first dollar?

"My first dollar was earned washing one of my uncles' car. He was always generous and an easy make. He worked for the railway and lived in a caboose. When he came to visit on weekends, his car was always dirty so I could always count on that buck."

Q What's a good book worth reading again?

"My most favourite would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Hobbit and Harry Potter are close seconds. I have all the DVD's and I love to watch them on my surround-sound system."

Q What was your most gratifying professional moment?

"A couple of years ago in Halifax, I was awarded the Ontario Regional Leadership A ward for community building. That was by my peers in what's called the National Managers Community, a group of federal managers 400 or 500 strong. It was a considerable honour for me recognizing work that I did in communicating the science undertaken at federal labs and efforts to engage younger people in science education and science careers."

Q Where do you go to recharge your batteries?

"My workshop. I do a lot of woodturnings using my lathe. I do this as a part-time business and a hobby. It keeps me sane and it's a good relief valve for me. I do studio tours and supply some galleries (producing) bowls and one-of-a-kind woodturnings, some artistic pieces and some more functional."
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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