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The city deserves much better [...].

The city deserves much better IN reply to Des Gardener's letter (Feb 4) I agree no football club has the divine right to win anything.

At this point all Villa fans have every right to question the present board, who seem hell bent on destroying our club.

They have no knowledge of football so have no idea what it means to fans.

Get a good team playing in the Premiership and the money will flow. I have seen a few bad teams at the club but this takes the biscuit.

Brian Ward Villa fans don't sack the managers, that's the board's job who do it to cover up their mistakes (this season's recruitment was a joke).

What's wrong in wanting Villa and Blues to play in the top flight of football? The city of Birmingham deserves it.

Brenda Grove, Solihull

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Feb 20, 2016
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