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The certifying commission in medical management honored 71 candidates with the CPE designation.

Congratulations to Our New certified Physician Executives!

* Nima Alinejad, MD, CPE

* Daniel Allen, MD, FACP, CPE

* Charles Anderson, MD, MBA, CPE

* Carmel Armon, MD, MSC, MH5, CPE

* John Aucar, MD, CPE, MSH

* James Barker, MD, CPE

* Athena Beldecos, MD, MA, CPE, 5FHM

* Tammy Birbeck, DO, CPE

* Jeremy Blanchard, MD. MMM, CPE

* Tyrone Bristol, MD, MPH, FAAP, CPE

* Alan Brooker, DO, MBA, CPE

* Frederick Bruch, MD, FACP, CPE

* Jay Butler, MD, CPE

* William Campbell, MD, MBA, CPE

* Brett Cannon. MD, MBA. CPE

* Ahsen Chaudhry, MD, MBA, CPE

* Mark Davies, MD, PhD, MBA, CPE

* James Dixson, MD, FACP, CPE

* Gary DuGan, MD, MMM, FACP, CPE

* Michael Fanucchi, MD, MPH, CPE

* Wylam Faught. MD, CPE

* John Fernandez, MD, |D, FACEP, CPE

* Keryi Green, MD, CPE

* JoAnne Gutliph, MD, CPE

* Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD, CPE

* Alden Hilton, MD, CPE

* Sathish Jetty, MD, FAAP, CPE

* James Gregory jolissaint, MD, MS, CPE

* John Jurica, MD, MPH, CPE

* Rakesh Kathpalia, MD, CPE

* Wajdi Kfoury. MD, CPE

* John Krahnert, MD, CPE

* Ian Leber, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, CPE

* Hugh Lindsey, MD, CPE

* John Lynch, MD, MPH, CPE

* Charles McBride III, MD, FAAFP, CPE

* Ritamarie Moscola, MD, MPH, CPE

* David Mouch, MD, CPE

* Bogdan Neughebauer, MD, PhD, FACP, CPE

* Ramon Nunez, MD, FACEP, CPE

* Lawrence Nycum, MD, CPE

* Michael Ogden, MD, MMM, FAAP, CPE

* Mark Olszyk, MD, MBA, CPE

* Sharon Ondreyco, MD, CPE

* Philip Panzarella, MD, MPH, CPE

* Suhel Patel, MD, CPE

* Dwight Peake, MD, MPH, CPE

* Guillermo Pierluisi, MD, MPH, MBA, CPE

* Sanjay Ponkshe, MD, MBA, CPE

* David Sarkaratl, DO, MS, FACEP, CPE

* Michael Schmitz, DO, CPE

* Michael Schultz, MD, MBA, FAAFP, CPE

* Dennis Scribner Jr., MD, CPE

* Rahul Sharma, MD, MBA, CPE

* Weylin Sing, DO, FACEP, CPE

Keith Singer, MD. JD, CPE

* Adeyemi Sobowale, MD, MBA, CPE

* David Sorber, MD, FACP, CPE

* Joseph Stella, DO, MBA, CPE

* Gary Stier, MD, MBA, CPE

* Klaus Thaler, MD, CPE

* Judith Theriot, MD, CPE

* Julie Tome, MD, MBA, CPE

* Theron Toole, MD, MPH, CPE

* Michael Torres, MD, MBA, CPE

* Anita Toussi, MD, MBA, CPE

* Thomas Wall, MD, FACC, CPE

* Michael Walter, MD, CPE


* Salvatore Zieno, MD, CPE

Next Program

Dallas, TX

October 7-11, 2012

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Publication:Physician Executive
Date:May 1, 2012
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