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The certification portfolio: an option to the certification examination.

The National Certification Commission (NCC), which administers the MTNA Professional Certification Program, is pleased to announce an option to the final certification examination--the certification portfolio. For teachers seeking Professional Certification, the portfolio offers an alternative for presenting written documentation of their professional experiences, activities and accomplishments that will fulfill the MTNA Professional Certification Standards, once the initial requirements are satisfied. The set of five standards can be obtained from the Certification website at or by request from MTNA national headquarters. The guidelines for preparing, submitting and evaluating a certification portfolio have been developed by the NCC during the past several months.

Certification candidates electing the portfolio option will be required to follow the instructions and specifications in the guidelines. These may be found on the certification website or obtained by mail, upon request from the MTNA national office by calling (888) 512-5278 or e-mailing

The materials submitted in the portfolio should reflect the candidate's professional preparation, teaching practices and ability to operate a successful, professional studio or classroom. The candidate's submissions also must demonstrate activities promoting professional involvement, including partnership development with students, families, peers and the community. The fees for submitting the portfolio for evaluation are comparable to those for the final certification examination. The time constraints are clearly explained in the guidelines.

The NCC and the MTNA Board of Directors expect the certification portfolio option will appeal to independent studio teachers as well as college and university faculty who wish to become professionally certified, but may find the examination process too restrictive in regards to time, travel and so forth. The certification portfolio option will be available January 1, 2004.

--Deborah Wallace, NCTM

Northwest Division Commissioner

National Certification Commission
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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