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The ceiling now goes from 8 to 18 feet.

The central surprise in this 50-year-old house awaits visitors as they move from under an 8-foot-high ceiling in the living room to the dining area where the ceiling abruptly soars to 18 feet. Above are a balcony-like second-story walkway and seating loft. A new master bedroom sits above the living room; an adjacent bathroom fits into a newly added dormer.

Except for that dormer, the entire remodel took place entirely within the house's original shell. Removing ceiling joists in the center of the house opened the former attic to the existing living spaces. To reinforce the remaining structure, heavier floor joists replaced ceiling joists, rafters were doubled up, and collar ties were added near the roof peak.

During the day, a skylight and a tall, narrow glass-block window light the open area. Ceiling- and wall-mounted fixtures provide additional illumination at night. Design was by Sacramento architects McAuliffe Cuddy.
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Title Annotation:house remodeling
Date:Sep 1, 1987
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