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The case against the Davis-Bacon Act; 54 reasons for repeal.


The case against the Davis-Bacon Act; 54 reasons for repeal.

Thieblot, Armand J.

Transaction Publishers


267 pages



Thieblot (director, the Olin Institute Book Program) argues that the Davis-Bacon Act, first passed in 1931, is now obsolete, and that the use of prevailing wage laws in the construction industry is a waste of money. Familiarity with labor relations terms and concepts is assumed, but no knowledge of complex mathematics or economic modeling is required. The book first deals with the history, purposes, and administrative concepts of prevailing wage laws, and provides an overview of the Davis-Bacon Act's administration. It then goes into greater detail about administration of the act, especially with respect to the prevailingness of job titles or characterization of work, the presumptive singularity of union wage rates by craft and class, and the creation and extension of determination rates. The final chapter summarizes the direct and indirect costs of the act, evaluates counterclaims on the economic impact of Davis-Bacon, and considers compromises short of full repeal. Seven appendices (over 100 pages total) offers the text of the act, data on the construction industry, and detailed state examples. The author has written a previous book and many journal articles on the Davis-Bacon Act and has testified on the issue on Capitol Hill.

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Date:Apr 1, 2013
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