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The cart that ate recycling.

Byline: The Register-Guard

"Where am I going to put this thing?" If we had a dollar for every Sanipac customer in the Eugene-Springfield area who has asked that question, we'd have enough dollars to fill one of the new 90-gallon recycling roll carts. That would be a lot of dollars, because the recycling carts are huge - they look like the box that Sanipac's other carts came in.

The new carts - 43,000 of them - are being distributed as part of a switch by Sanipac and other haulers to "commingled" recycling. People simply toss all their recyclables, except glass, into their carts, and the materials are sorted later at a central processing plant. Sanipac stresses the convenience of no longer having to sort recyclables, and calls less attention to the fact that commingling also reduces collection costs.

The carts will be emptied every two weeks, but they have much more than twice the capacity of the little blue bins that used to hold recyclables. So there is room in them for more recyclable materials. That's good, because people will have to recycle half the stuff in their garages just to make room for the carts.
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Date:Nov 21, 2003
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