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The career benefits of CIM Membership.

My grandfather, Kyuichi Aoki, was born in 1896. He lived before airplanes were invented, and died after the Apollo mission put a man on the moon.

As a child, he grew up in a house without electricity. By the 1920s, he would hear the latest news on the radio. By the 1950s, his children would see the latest news on television. And by the late 1990s, his grandchildren would use the Internet to find the latest news stories.

Millennia ago, the total amount of human knowledge would take centuries to double. But the pace of change is increasing. Now, the total sum of human knowledge is doubling every four years. Four years!

In other words, by the time someone graduates with a four-year university degree, the sum of all the knowledge in his or her chosen field may have doubled. So, how do you stay current?

One solution is to join a professional association such as CIM.

CIM offers several prestigious designations, such as P.Mgr (Professional Manager). Pursuing these designations is a great way to keep your skills sharp and learn the latest information in the field of business management. CIM has partnered with many of the leading educational institutions in Canada to offer an approved curriculum in business. These courses teach you the most recent advances in the science of management.

As CIM members, you can read the latest management ideas in CIM's newsletter, 'Tips from the Top'. It features practical, easy to use tips that apply to your day-to-day management life.

For more in-depth articles, you can read 'Canadian Manager', the official magazine of the Canadian Institute of Management. It focuses on practical 'how to' advice for busy managers. Ideas from just one of those articles, added $20,000 to my income last year.

Another way to spot the latest trends in management is to learn from your peers. For instance, at a CIM networking event, I was chatting with Phil Russo, the President of CIM Toronto Branch, about the challenge of reaching potential clients by phone. Phil gave me an excellent sales tip that doubled my telephone contact rate. Developing a networking relationship with your professional colleagues is a great way spot trends in your field. But you can only connect if you come out to events.

In addition to CIM's evening events, attending a full-day conference is an excellent opportunity to learn the most recent discoveries in your profession. For example, at this year's CIM Toronto full-day conference, we heard from experts in leadership, motivation, marketing and coaching.

In summary, CIM can help boost your management career by giving you the latest management trends in its newsletter and magazine, as well as offering professional designations, thought provoking speakers, informative conferences, and professional networking opportunities.

But you need to get involved. Read the articles, come out to events, and meet your peers. As Peter Boos, CIM's Ontario East Region President says, 'Passion' is the most important ingredient for your success in life. If you are passionate about your management career, please take advantage of everything CIM has to offer.

Mike Aoki is the Director of Programs and President-Elect of the CIM Toronto Branch. For more tips on sales, customer service and presentation skills, visit

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Author:Aoki, Mike
Publication:Canadian Manager
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Date:Mar 22, 2009
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