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Global "worming".

Let your kids see nature's recyclers in action by building a worm bin! You'll need two 8-to-10-gallon plastic storage tubs with lids, a drill, newspaper, a large piece of cardboard, four bricks, garden dirt, and a pound of red wiggler worms.

1. With 1/4-inch bit, drill 30 holes in bottom of each tub. With Vi6-inch bit, drill 30-50 holes in one lid and two to three rows of holes around tops of both tubs.

2. Place lid without holes on ground. Put two bricks on top and an empty tub on bricks.

3. Set remaining two bricks inside the tub and place second tub inside the first.

4. Tear newspaper into 1-inch strips and dampen with water. Line bottom of tub with four inches of paper, fluffed up. Add worms and two handfuls of dirt.

5. Dampen cardboard and place on top of dirt and worms.

6. Add second lid. Keep worms cool and slightly damp.

7. Feed worms slowly until they start to multiply. Simply lift cardboard and bury food in a new spot each week.

In three months, remove bricks from bottom tub and set it inside the top tub. Add newspaper, dirt, and leftovers to new top tub and put on ventilated lid. Worms will crawl from the bottom tub into their new home when the food is gone in their old home. The only thing left in the other tub will be rich, dark compost for your garden!


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