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The buyers' guide: trade associations.

National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM)

581 Main St.

Woodbridge, NJ 07095-1104

Phone: (732) 855-1525

Fax: (732) 855-1838

Web site:

Executive Director: James Coleman

Environmental Affairs and Information Systems Manager: George Fuchs

Technical Coord.: Richard Incontro

Administrative Asst.: Janet Ciravolo

President: Dave Frescoln, Flint Ink

Vice President: Michael Gettis Colorcon, No-Tox Products

Treasurer: Rick Clendenning INX International Ink

Secretary: James Coleman

National Directors (three-year terms): Ronald Baker, US Ink

Mitch Baker, American Inks & Coatings

Harvey Brice, Superior Printing Ink

Rick Clendenning, INX International Ink

Dave Frescoln, Flint Ink

Michael Gettis, Colorcon, No-Tox Products

Winfried Gleue, Hostmann-Steinberg

Urban Hirsch III, Ink Systems

William Hoagland, Squid Ink

Jeffrey Koppelman, Gans Ink & Supply

Daniel McDowell, Color Converting

Tak O'Haru, Toyo Ink America

George Sickinger, Color Resolutions

Cal Sutphin, Braden-Sutphin

W. Kent Wishart, Graphic Sciences

Directors-at-Large (one-year terms): Richard Bradley, Carroll Scientific

Patrick Carlisle, Joules Angstrom UV Printing Inks

Chan DeKramer, Kramer Ink Co.

Bryan Gobbell, Bowers Ink Co.

Wes Lucas, Sun Chemical Corp.

Vimal Mehra, Micro Inks

Peter Mulheran, SICPA North America Inc.

Evan Weissglass, Magruder Color

Kevin Yeazell, Handschy Industries

TAM Steering Committee: Richard Bradley, Carroll Scientific

William Dopf, Westvaco

Herman Hockmeyer, Hockmeyer Equipment

Lisa Schneider, General Press Colors

John Schultz, Akzo Nobel Resins

Evan Weissglass, Magruder Color

National Printing Ink Research Institute (NPIRI)

581 Main St.

Woodbridge, NJ 07095-1104

Phone: (732) 855-1525

Fax: (732) 855-1838

Board of Directors: President: Dr. Joseph Raksis, Flint Ink

Vice President: Joseph Cichon, INX International

Secretary: Sal Moscuzzo, Superior Printing Ink

Maurice Carruthers, Performance Pigments (Sun)

Dan DeLegge, Inksolutions

Kerstin Grosse, Buhler, Inc.

Byron Hahn, Braden Sutphin

Richard Joyce, Sun Chemical NA Inks

Lawrence Lepore, US Ink

Pete Notti, Ink Systems

Robert Peters, Kohl & Madden

Joe Schlinkert, Color Resolutions

European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA)

Avenue E Van Nieuwenhuyse, 4

BE--1160 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: +32.(0)2.676.74.80

Fax: +32.(0)2.676.74.90


Web site:

Chairman: Peter Koivula, XSYS Print Solutions

Vice Chairman: Felipe Mellado, Sun Chemical Europe

Directors: Herbert Forker, Siegwerk Group AG

David Meldram, Sun Chemical Europe

Heiner Ringer, Huber Group

Antonio Saez, Sakata INX

Dr. Helmut Schmidt, Flint-Schmidt

Jan Secher, SICPA Group

Dr. Michael Stumpp, BASF Drucksysteme

Chicago Printing Ink Production Club (CPIPC)


Web site:

President: Tom Gwizdalski, Magie Bros., Penreco

Vice President: Henry Brooks, Wolstenholme International

Treasurer: Luigi Ribaudo, Kohl & Madden

Secretary: Dave Bosak, Apollo Colors

Sergeant-at-Arms: Michael Schultz, Superior Printing Ink

Cincinnati Printing Ink Production Club (CPIPC)

c/o Kustom Group

3 Carbon Way

Richwood, KY 41094

Contacts: David Koenig (859) 282-0648; Michael P. Gerkin (859) 485-8600 ext. 43

Metro New York Printing Ink Association (MNYPIA)


581 Main Street

Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Phone: (732) 855-1525

Fax: (732) 855-1838


President: Bill Teto, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

First Vice President: Dan Shevkun, Superior Printing Ink

Second Vice President: Chris Verillo, Var-Chem Products

Treasurer: Rebecca Bamberger, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Secretary: John Rutledge Kohl & Madden

Past Presidents: Nick Vertucci, Heucotech Ltd.

Michael Brice, Superior Printing Ink

Program Chair: Chris Verillo, Var-Chem Products

Membership Chair: Rebecca Bamberger, Ciba

Publicity Chair: Dale Pritchett, Ink World

Golf Outing Chair: Dan Shevkun, Superior Printing Ink

Philadelphia Printing Ink Production Club

c/o Dave Siegler

INX International

2983 Sheffield Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 (610) 272-8605

President: Dave Siegler, INX International

Vice President and Treasurer: Mike Flannery, Sun Chemical

Secretary: Joel Leeson, Magruder Color

Ontario Section of the Oil & Colour chemists' Association

c/o Bruce Clatworthy

Dominion Colour Corporation (416) 791-4254

Chair: Bruce Clatworthy Dominion Colour Corporation

Immmediate Past Chair: Neil Thorpe, St. Lawrence Chemical

Vice Chair: Jobn Annoletto, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Secretary: Darrin Colquhoun,

Dominion Colour Corporation

Honorary Secretary: Tony Ilkanic

Honorary Treasurer: Basilio Nucara, St. Lawrence Chemical

Representative on Council: Mike Miller, SICPA North America

Membership Officer: Peter Simpson, Hostmann Steinberg

Honorary Auditor: Rod Paterson, Canada Inc.

Communications and Information

Coordinator: Arnold Stevenson, Denbro Chemicals

OCCO Technical Meeting Coordinator: John Annoletto, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Plant Tour Coordinator: Martin Habekost, Hostmann Steinberg

Technical Symposium Coordinator: Peter Simpson, Hostmann Steinberg

Golf Tournament Coordinator: Mike Dryden, Sun Chemical Pigments Division
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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